Buying a Face Mask Can Help Avoid Stop Airborne Irritants

The body’s lungs are incredibly important. They manage to take in air, filter out the oxygen for use, and then remove the carbon dioxide byproducts. However, when the lungs are breathing in, they aren’t just breathing in air. They are breathing in everything that is included in the air as well. 

In many cases, that’s simply not the way to go. Not everything that’s in the air is something which is healthy to breathe in. Many substances can cause short or long term medical problems. Face masks range from basic paper medical masks all the way up to full masks with controlled air systems. The type of maks you need varies on what you’re planning to protect yourself from. 

Reasons to Wear a Face Mask

The reason to wear a face mask is fairly obvious. It’s to protect the body from harmful things that are breathed in. The most serious masks are worn by people who undergo hazardous jobs. These people may be around dangerous or infectious materials. Medical research is one example. These masks often provide their own air supply. Many people who work in factories have to wear air masks and respirators. This is especially true when they may be working with substances applied through airborne pressure. Painters are an in home version of someone who needs face masks. Breathing in the chemicals from paint over a long term is not healthy at all. 

There are also many people who want to just wear masks all the time to protect against common issues like the flu. The most basic is the paper mask, while some are now made of cotton or other breathable fibers and have removable air filters within them. Research is inconclusive if they are as helpful as many think. One place they are known to be beneficial is when the wearer may have a cold or flu. It can help them keep it to themselves! 

Best Retailers

Typically, the first place that people will look to purchase a face mask is online. This is usually a good choice. Online retailers like Amazon will have a wide variety of face masks. However, consider that an important part of a face mask is the fit. For dangerous work with airborne chemicals, a face mask that doesn’t fit properly is the same as not wearing a face mask at all. 

Another good choice is health equipment stores. Aim for locations which sell equipment needed for medical conditions, rather than just a pharmacy or big box store. These tend to have a little bit higher quality of equipment, though prices also tend to be a bit higher. 

Popular Face Masks

There’s many different face masks that can be bought. For people looking for a little added protection from the flu, the sky's the limit. Professionals tend to swear by their face masks. Some of the popular brands and options include: 

  • MSA Advantage 3200 Full Facepiece Respirator - As the name suggests, this option covers the entire face. There’s a clear plastic viewshield for the eyes and it attaches snugly by adjustable straps to the back of the head. It’s easy to put on and works well. 
  • Disposable Paper Face Masks - No brand is listed here because almost every medical company has their own. Look for the option which features 3 ply paper to get a face mask that will last longer. 
  • The Dust Mask Face Respirator - This is an elevation of the disposable. The worn respirator protects the face during day to day movement. It’s easily washable and you can just toss in a fresh filter each time. 
  • Envo Respiratory Face Mask - Another great mask, this face mask is perfect for people with light to moderate work related breathing risks. Carpenters, construction workers and painters can fully enjoy a quality mask with very easy to change filters. This mask reaches medical quality levels.
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