Decided the Keto Diet is Right For You? Start Planning Your Meals

There are many diets out there. Finding the right one can be difficult considering all the information that is floating around. Sifting through it can take days and weeks of time. One of the most popular diets that people are interested in is called the “Keto” diet. Keto is short for ketogenic, and refers to the diet putting the body into a state called “ketosis”. During this time, the body burns fat at an incredible rate and many people swear by it.

The essence of the keto diet is that rather than powering the body through carbs, the body has to instead use fat because carbs aren’t available. It keeps blood sugar low and fat quickly shedding from the body. Some people may feel nervous because of the high fat content in many of the foods, but this natural fat works perfectly in the diet.

Planning the right meal can be tricky. To help a person figure out what they might be eating, here are some suggestions for meal planning with the keto diet.

Breakfast Meal Plans

Breakfast is one of the easier meals to handle with keto diets thanks to eggs. They are versatile and a perfect food for keto dieters. Here’s an example of potential meal items for your breakfast meal plan:

  • Spinach and Feta Omelette - Almost any omelette works as long as they aren’t filled with keto unfriendly foods. Mushroom and western omelettes are common.
  • Peppers stuffed with eggs and cheese - Bell peppers aren’t just for stuffing at night.
  • Yogurt - It’s a nice treat to eat a delicious full fat yogurt. To make it a great breakfast, consider adding some keto friendly granola featuring shaved coconut.

Lunch Meal Plans

Lunches need to be quick and efficient. It’s not surprising that salads play a large role in a keto diet. They avoid carbs easily. Combining them with protein will typically make for a great

  • Bunless Burgers - Sure, beef is common, but there’s a lot of proteins that work great. The key to a bunless burger is adding lots of toppings to make it tasty. Cheese, avocado and mushrooms are all common.
  • Caesar Salads - Typically with the keto diet, you’ll want to add chicken to the caesar salad for the protein and fat. Some people prefer to add shrimp instead.
  • Lettuce Wraps - A lot of the things that go into tortilla wraps can instead be placed into lettuce. Asian flavors are especially great and a teriyaki steak sliced up thinly with asian vegetables works great.

Dinner Meal Plans

Dinner is typically the showpiece meal of the day in many households. It’s no different on the keto diet. A lot of incredible meals can be completed for dinner. Some of those include:

  • Roast Chicken - A roast chicken is an incredibly versatile item in the keto diet. There are dozens of sauces which can change and enhance the flavor of the chicken. They are best served with some steamed or sauteed vegetables.
  • Steak - Don’t just pick boring old steak. Try some new and exciting options like bison.
  • Vegetable Noodles - There are many vegetables which can make some pretty good pasta imitations. Zucchini noodles are delicious and fantastic with turkey meatballs and some parmesan.

Snacking Meal Plans

Alright, so perhaps choosing snacks isn’t so much a meal plan as identifying items that make for easy keto friendly eating. Snacking is important. People feel hungry and often need to eat something between a meal. Here are some great options for snacks:

  • Kale Chips - Even kale haters are often surprised by how tasty kale chips can be.
  • Guac and Veggies - Rather than using chips to dip into guacamole, keto dieters can use celery or other low carb vegetables as a conveyance for that tasty guacamole.
  • Trail Mix - The key to trail mix is making it with keto friendly foods. Nuts and seeds are perfect. Avoid chocolate or grains, but some coconut adds a nice touch.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs - Admittedly, these aren’t for everyone, but hard boiled eggs are perfect for snacking. They are very customizable and all of people's favorite spices can be added.
  • Nuts and Cheese - The classic combo of this snack is almonds along with cheddar cheese. It’s a surprising combination that works off of each other.

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