EHR Software Offers Doctors Advantages in Treating Their Patients

The medical profession is one of the most difficult. Decisions need to be made with precision, because mistakes have potentially the most consequences. Therefore, anything that can be an advantage to a medical professional should be taken advantage of. Electronic Health Records (EHR) make consultation of medical history much easier and improves accuracy. 

EHR software can help doctors by keeping a consistent digital imprint of all of their previous medical history. This gives doctors the ability to see the past quickly and be able to make some decisions based on up to date information. EHR software features excellent integration with other medical practices and services as well. 

What Can a Doctor Tell from an EHR Software

Many people compare EHR software with EMR software. They are rather similar and sometimes they are used interchangeably. They can both be useful aspects to electronic health care. The main difference is that EHR software is more comprehensive and accessible and shares with other medical teams. 

EMR Software is useful, but it’s mostly just a digital version of a single clinic's paperwork about the patient. If the patient moves to another practice or the information is needed elsewhere, it needs to be printed and mailed or faxed. 

EHR Software however is a step ahead. It’s about total health. It still stores medical information and charts from doctors, but it stores information from all other medical professionals that connect to it. For example, when a person is sent for a blood test, the information can automatically be included into the EHR, making results much faster. It’s this integration that makes such a big deal. 

Benefits of Using EHR Software, 

The most obvious benefit of EHR software is the integration it features with other medical practices. Getting the results of blood tests, CT scans, and other tests which may be performed outside the practice faster helps doctors make a quick diagnosis. In cases where something may be seriously wrong, then speed matters. 

By using EHR software, doctors can perform better diagnosis in a quicker time frame. Many doctors work 70 hour weeks. Shaving even a few minutes off of each diagnosis can end up saving quite a few hours each week. 

Other benefits include having complete medical information at fingertips, easy sharing of information with patients, reducing errors in diagnosis, making easy and reliable prescriptions and streamlining the entire billing process as well. 

Best EHR Software

EHR software continues to evolve. Medical software development services the entire medical community, so it’s beneficial for companies to continue to improve their medical software. As such, there’s many different types of EHR software. Some of the best types of EHR software include: 

  • AdvancedMD - This is a strong and comprehensive EHR that integrates well and features custom pricing depending on the features needed. The downside is that it arguably has too many features and requires some direct training. 
  • Medics Suite - This is a browser based EHR so that people can access it from any device. It’s intuitive and also accepts voice to text notes. 
  • CareCloud Charts - This is a sensible EHR that scales to the size of any kind of practice. It’s fairly easy to use and learn. It offers solid features and moderate pricing. A piece of software that’s truly good in most ways, though not phenomenal in any single aspect. 
  • Kareo - Kareo is designed for independent or small practices. The low cost matches the smaller practice idea. There’s plenty of features and it has a solid analytics suite. Patients can log in to check their information easily so they always have their prescription information. Video conferencing is available as well. 
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