Is It Time to Consider a MedicAlert Bracelet?

MedicAlert is well-known for its iconic identification bracelets inscribed with emergency health information. Such information is critical to healthcare providers and can include allergies, blood type, and medications. In addition to this flagship product, MedicAlert now also manufactures necklaces, charms and other engraved products. All medical identification jewelry is available in sizes and styles for women, men, and children. If the medical information engraved on each MedicAlert medical ID is useful, it is because of the MedicAlert call center staff. These diligent workers ensure that the most important health information is on each product. They also ensure that each item is inscribed using standard medical terminology and abbreviations so that first responders anywhere in the United States can provide individualized care. Established in 1956, jewelry from MedicAlert has been offering first responders important and critical information so that proper care is provided to people duirng crisist moments. MedicAlert, however, is much more than a manufacturing company. It's a membership organization operaring as a non-profit. It has heavy charitable involvement that is dedicated to improving emergency medical communication. Its voluntary board of directors is comprised of nationally known healthcare practitioners and business leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following five questions are the most frequently asked regarding MedicAlert. The provided answers will help determine if MedicAlert is a good fit for a particular situation. While helpful, the following information is no substitute for consultation with a trusted healthcare provider.

Q. What is a MedicAlert bracelet?

A: A MedicAlert medical ID is a piece of jewelry engraved with emergency medical information. Bracelets, necklaces, keychains, and shoe tags are available in a large range of sizes for children and adults. The MedicAlert company also carries both sporty and classic models to complement different personal styles. To be a MedicAlert product, a piece of engraved medical jewelry must be manufactured by the MedicAlert company. Other companies produce engraved jewelry, but they may not offer the same medical communication and information services offered by the MedicAlert Foundation.

Q. What information can be engraved on a MedicAlert product?

A: Since MedicAlert products are meant to provide information during a medical emergency, they are engraved with emergency medical information. Some common inscriptions include medications that can impact emergency care such as blood thinners or chronic health conditions such as diabetes. While individuals are free to order any inscription they choose, the company offers an “engrave on my behalf” service that grants MedicAlert staff permission to review medical information and determine what critical information to include on the product.

Q. What is My MedicAlert Services?

A: My MedicAlert Services is the basic service plan included with the purchase of a MedicAlert product. It includes 24/7 Emergency Response to calls from healthcare providers and an online Emergency Health Record that can be viewed by the purchaser. This plan is free for the first year and is renewable for a reasonable fee. Additional advanced services such as online storage of Advanced Directives, international health translation, and 24/7 Family Notification for Kids are available at additional cost.

Q. Is the jewelry still useful to emergency responders without purchasing a service plan?

A: Since MedicAlert products are engraved with critically important health information, they can still be very useful to emergency medical personnel. Due to the small space for engraving on the jewelry, however, the information that is engraved is the highest priority emergency information. Renewing the service plan supplements the jewelry because it gives first responders more detailed information than can be engraved on the product. This is especially useful when a person is unconscious and unable to communicate with healthcare providers.

Q. Is financial assistance available?

A: While MedicAlert strives to provide its products and services for nominal fees, they can become a financial hardship especially when they are accompanied by other medical bills. For this reason, the MedicAlert Foundation offers sponsored three-year memberships for those who qualify. Interested persons must complete an application process. This includes an application form, a written statement of need, and some evidence of financial hardship such as a Social Security Income letter with the eligible benefit amount listed.

While the answers to the above questions are not an exhaustive guide to MedicAlert products, they can take away some of the uncertainty around medical ID jewelry and associated services. The company’s website is also a good source of information. As with any health decision, it’s best to consult with a healthcare practitioner before purchasing a MedicAlert product.

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