Keep Your Baby Healthy and Happy

There’s nothing that compares to the joy of raising a happy and healthy child. Parents around the world are excited when they get an addition to their family. The goal from that point on is to make sure that the child is raised healthy and happy.

Baby health is something that is often talked about between parents. There are some parents who sometimes go overboard with any sign or symptom of a potential issue. A small fever doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world. Other parents perhaps are a bit too laissez faire and just assume their child is fine in any situation. The goal needs to be to react appropriately to any health issue that does appear. There’s a lot of things that can be done to help work on keeping your baby healthy!

Lifestyle Choices

These lifestyle choices aren’t for the baby, so much as lifestyle choices you can make to help make the baby’s environment more healthy. Quitting smoking can help, as airborne irritants can cause many problems to babies. In that vein, trying to keep a clean home with minimal dust and particles can help. Some people use air purifiers for this.

If you’re breastfeeding your child, remember that what you eat is translated into what they eat. Therefore, trying to eat a healthy diet that’s high in nutrients obviously makes sense. Cutting out alcohol and other dangerous substances for babies should be a no brainer.

Common Baby Illnesses

There are many illnesses which can affect newborns, infants and toddlers. Knowing the signs can help a doctor diagnose these issues early and allow you to react quickly and get your baby to medical help. Some of the most common illnesses include:

  • Colic - This is a common baby illness.  Colic manifests itself as crying attacks due to abdominal pain they are feeling.
  • GER - Many babies will have the stomach acid regurgitate into their esophagus at a young age. The valve between these two areas is still growing and isn’t complete. These babies will spit or vomit more than expected. They may also make uncomfortable gagging noises.
  • RSV - This is a common respiratory virus. It is very common in children under 1 and often means they need to be hospitalized.
  • Fever - Rather than being a disease, fever is the number one symptom that babies exhibit. It’s a warning that something is amiss. Pediatricians have guidelines for fevers based on the age of the child and the level of the fever. They may require immediate medical attention or, possibly it can be left for some time to see if the fever calms down.

General Baby Health

Arguably the most important thing to a baby’s growth and health is ensuring that they are properly fed and get all the vitamins and nutrients they need. Pediatricians and dieticians can be a great help in assisting new parents in working out a plan for appropriate nutrition.

You may be wondering if your baby is healthy. With their inability to respond verbally, there are several signs that your baby is healthy. In the very early stages, babies tend to spend a large amount of the day feeding and sleeping. But there should be a few moments each day when the baby is attentive and alert. This time will grow with the baby. They should be interested in things like movement, colors, patterns and the sound of your voice. This shows the baby is healthy and developing correctly.

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