These High Fiber Foods Are Great Options

Nutrition is more important to health than it has ever been before. The proliferation of quality scientific information has ensured that people are eating healthier and living a better quality of life. One aspect of nutrition is eating high in fiber foods. A high fiber diet is crucial to nutrition because it allows the body to better absorb the beneficial nutrients out of food. It also manages to help the digestive tract and ensure that bowel movements are comfortable and regular. The key to a high fiber diet is choosing foods to match. These fiber rich foods provide a person with all the fiber they need and typically are very high in other things people need in their diet. If you’re not sure how to consume a high fiber diet, try introducing some of the following foods into your diet.

1 - Avocado

This fruit is loaded with healthy fats and high levels of fiber. In addition, avocado is also packed with other vitamins. One of the best benefits of avocado is that it tastes great. There are numerous recipes that have turned to avocado to add a punch. Avocado is admittedly very trendy at the moment. But having some avocado toast at brunch is actually a good way to keep your diet high in fiber.

2 - Chia Seeds

These are some of the highest fiber foods in the world. Chia seeds are over 33% fiber by weight, which is far higher than almost any food. These little black seeds are often eaten raw, but can be seamlessly included in salads, smoothies and many other locations. Eaten on their own, chia seeds do have a habit of sticking in your teeth, so keep an eye on your teeth!

3 - Dark Chocolate

One of the best things about high fiber diets is that there are legitimately delicious foods available. Dark chocolate that is between 70-95% cocoa content is a shockingly delicious, yet nutritious food. Dark chocolate is loaded full of antioxidants. This combination of flavor and nutrition makes it one of the best food options out there. No wonder people call it a “superfood”.

4 - Almonds

Typically almost any nut is pretty high in fiber, but almonds are a great source. The flavor of almonds is rather appealing to many people. A small handful of almonds along with a salad provides the fiber and protein to balance out the meal while providing healthy fats instead of terrible saturated fats.

5 - Popcorn

An unexpected but welcome find on this list is popcorn. Popcorn offers a high level of fiber per volume. The downside is that many people load up popcorn with butter and salt which often negates a lot of the good value. Air popped popcorn can be a great source of fiber and a healthy snack instead of some high fat chips or sugary candy.

6 - Kidney Beans

These beans are a delicious addition to any chili and manage to pack a heaping wallop of fiber into each little legume. In fact, almost every legume is a great choice if you’re looking to increase your fiber intake. This includes chickpeas, baked beans, edamame, lima beans and black beans. Pick any legume and your fiber count will soar.

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