These Must Have Apparel Choices Make Workouts More Enjoyable

Both men and women know that whether starting a new gym routine, or continuing with an existing one, having the right workout apparel can make workouts so much more enjoyable. Nothing is worse than being ready for a solid workout, having a plan in place, actually arriving at the gym, and then not being able to concentrate or get through that workout with the required intensity and duration because a shirt is scratchy, pants will not stay up, or socks are getting too hot.

With the right workout clothes, a workout can be the most relaxing part of the day while providing all the health benefits it should. Whether you are simply adding pieces to a current workout wardrobe, or making sure everything is in place before starting a new gym routine, this list explains what everyone should have in their closets. Men and women alike should consider these must have apparel choices to make workouts more enjoyable.

1. Moisture Wicking Shirts

A hard workout yields a good amount of sweat. In a cotton t-shirt, that sweat gets absorbed into the fabric of the shirt making them heavy, scratchy, and uncomfortable for any gym routine. In many cases, that fabric can cause chafing if rubbing against sensitive areas. 

Instead, opt for moisture wicking materials in both shirts and pants or shorts. These special material shirts will pull the sweat away from the body and onto the fabric. From there, the sweat will evaporate, leaving skin cool and shirts much drier. They do have a limit, but no matter the amount of sweat, people will feel more comfortable. 

2. Athletic Socks

Gone are the days of having hot feet in cotton socks that sweat just sits on top of. Instead, opt for some athletic socks that have wicking fabric. Similar to moisture wicking shirts, the fabric pulls sweat away from skin and onto the fabric itself. From there, it evaporates. This wicking process will keep feet cool, dry, and steady so there is no concern about slipping or having dripping socks to contend with. Many athletic socks also have ventilated spaces for the base of the toes to increase airflow directly. Athletic socks come in all different shapes, so a crew cut or a longer tube socks are available for a variety of preferences. Be sure to stock up on multiple pairs so there is no interruption to a regular fitness routine.

3. Lightweight Zip Up Jacket

Whether walking into the gym to start a workout, or walking out at the end of one, having a lightweight zip up jacket both helps the body warm up as well as cool down. Opt for a zip up rather than a pull over as they are easier to take off during a treadmill warm up and a simple way to get it on if over the head is too messy and tough on sore arms. These jackets are also perfect if you like to take your workout to the outdoors. 

4. Fitted Sneakers

Regardless of the type of workouts in a workout routine, having a pair of personally fitted sneakers can make all the difference in body mechanics during workouts. It can also affect the length of sore muscles after a workout, and foot comfort during and after a workout. Spending a little more money on a solid pair of workout shoes that fit feet well, are breathable, sturdy, and are designed with a specific workout routine in mind will have a serious impact on the success of a workout routine.

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