Troubles with Snoring? A Mouthpiece May Be the Answer

Everyone has dealt with snoring and knows how annoying it is. It's a naturally occurring event that typically affects men and a smaller number of women. The snores can be classified by how long, deep and loud they are along with how often they occur. Snoring that affects breathing or is particularly erratic may be caused by an underlying health problem like obstructive sleep apnea. When someone cannot get rid of the snoring, it's ideal to use an apparatus to reduce its occurrence and the resulting noise. A mouthpiece is safe, removable and easy for any sleeper to use. Some people worry about the comfort of using this type of device. They don't like the idea of biting down on a piece as they try to relax and sleep. If they visit the right doctor and get a custom-made device that fits their mouths and teeth, they'll barely feel themselves wearing the device. Also, wearing one is more favorable to getting surgery, such as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, which is risky, invasive, expensive and difficult to say. Other treatments include the use of heat and radiofrequency energy. Overall, the ideal option is to choose the simplest, most inexpensive solution to fix a sleeping problem. Using a mouthpiece may be the ideal answer for a snoring problem.

Treatments That Start in the Mouth

The snoring mouthpiece is designed as one of the most affordable, safest, efficient and easy to use solutions to stop snoring. There are several designs that vary based on cost, size and efficiency. However, the standard one-size-fits-all mouthpieces are not effective for most users.

The mandibular advancement splint (MAS) is proven to treat snoring, sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. It works by opening the airway and allowing air to flow into the throat. Another device is the tongue stabilizing mouthpiece that holds the tongue in place.

The devices are self fit or custom made. The self fit ones are more affordable, but less efficient if the size does not fit properly. It works by softening the mouthpiece in water, placing it in the mouth and making adjustments for the ideal fit. Custom-made designs provide the most naturally comfortable fit, without having to make adjustments, and last longer.

Questions and Answers

Q: Why are mouthpieces used?

A: Because the other two main options are invasive and burdensome. There is surgery that is expensive and risky with annoying side effects, such as bleeding and swelling, to deal with afterwards. Then, there is wearing a CPAP mask that is uncomfortable, loud and difficult to carry around. A mouthpiece treats only the mouth and throat - the areas where snoring is affected.

Q: What are the custom-made options?

A: Custom-made devices are available at online dental equipment stores or through dentists. Patients can buy kits and send their dental impressions to laboratories. They can contact their dentists, but the process may double in price.

Q: What is the best solution?

A: The best anti-snoring device depends on a patient's specific situation that depends on the type of sleep disorder and budget. It also depends on how comfortable they feel wearing a mouthpiece and how long they plan to wear one.

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