What's The Best Mattress For Your Body Type?

Having the right mattress makes a huge impact on your everyday life. Chronic lack of sleep isn't just inconvenient, it's harmful to your health and leads to feeling irritable and out of sorts. If your sleep is suffering and you've narrowed out other causes, it's possible that you need a mattress upgrade. At the very least it can make dealing with everyday aches and pains a little less painful. While there are numerous options available, the Purple Mattress and the Novosbed are two of the best ones out there. Purple is most famous for their "raw egg test". The raw egg test demonstrates one of Purple's most likeable features: its pressure-relieving support. The NovosBed is a memory-foam based mattress that is surprisingly affordable for how high in quality it is. Unlike the Purple, you can choose which firmness setting you want on the NovosBed, an added bonus for those who prefer a more traditional yet customizable bed. While both mattresses have their pros and cons, the following list gives a quick run down of the some of the most common mattress questions.

Top 5 Questions and Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying a Mattress

Q: What is the Cost?

A: The Novosbed and the Purple both run about the same when it comes to pricing. $999 for a queen-sized mattress or $1199 for a king. Novosbed offers a 120 night trial with a money back guarantee. Purple offers only slightly less, 100 nights to test your new mattress or your money back. If your budget is a little tight, both companies offer flexible payment plans to meet your needs. Shipping is free for both mattresses.

Q: Which Mattress Is the Most Comfortable?

A: This is really going to depend on your personal preference and your own body. The Purple does away with traditional firmness and softness settings by using a 2 " layer of hyper elastic polymer material as the top layer. The polymer material creates more of a bouncy feel and is hard to classify as hard or soft. However, for the sake of clarity, it would definitely be classified as more of a firm mattress. Reviewers report it being perfect for a number of sleeping positions, side, back, etc. The Novosbed offers more of the traditional, dream-like memory foam comfort. For those who aren't really interested in Purple's innovative take on technology but simply want a traditional bed, the Novosbed is ideal. Before buying you can choose which firmness setting you prefer on the Novos.

Q: What If I Don't Like My New Mattress?

A: As mentioned above, both companies, Purple and Novosbed, offer a full refund with a 100 and 120 night trial, respectively. If you decide you don't like your new mattress, getting a refund is simple for both companies. Simply contact them by phone or email them and request a refund. They will send someone to pick up the mattress free of charge, no need to worry about trying to squeeze the mattress back into its tube. Used but returned mattresses are donated to charity organizations.

Q: How Difficult Is It To Set Them Up?

A: Setting up the mattresses is relatively simple in and of itself, but you definitely will need some strength or some assistance to cut it open and get it out of the package. Both mattresses weigh over 100 pounds, so make sure you have someone there to carry or help you carry them to avoid injury. Once the packaging is cut open and the mattress is out, just unroll it and sleep away! Purple utilizes non-toxic materials, so off-gassing smells for those who struggle with chemical sensitivities is nonexistent. While the material in Novosbed may not be strictly classified as nontoxic, its off-gassing smell is close to nothing as well.

Q: How Long Will My Mattress Last?

A: Some mattresses have a warranty of 5-10 years, and many companies recommend replacing your mattress after about 8 years. However, the Novosbed truly sets itself apart in quality by offering a 15 year warranty. The memory foam is of top notch quality and made to last. The Purple's warranty is 10 years, and, like Novosbed, it is made of high-quality materials made to provide years of comfort.

Hopefully you found this list helpful. Remember that if you have any questions about the mattress that you can always call or email the company beforehand prior to purchasing. While there are certainly other options out there, Novosbed and Purple offer the biggest bang for your buck in terms of quality for price.

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