Which Brands of Toilet Paper Do People Prefer?

Toilet paper. Everyone uses it; everyone needs it; it is a common item to be found in the everyday lives and homes of, well, just about everyone! Everyone knows exactly what types of activities for which toilet paper is used, and its uses usually result in it being thrown into the trash. Even still, people are very particular about what types of toilet paper they choose to use.

Some swear by one specific brand, and other people will not touch that brand unless there is literally no other option. Some insist that certain brands are simply better than others. Whether it is because of the toilet paper's durability, softness, texture, or look, there are just some brands of toilet paper that Americans, as a whole, prefer to use. According to research done by many professionals, polls, and unofficial surveys given by different groups, the following are some of the most preferred brands of toilet paper in all of America.

1 - Charmin Ultra  

According to many different polls and studies, Charmin Ultra is the top pick for American toilet paper users. Charmin Ultra is consistently ranked at the top of the list of possible toilet paper in numerous polls and studies. According to an article from USA Today, which was originally published on Reviewed.com, Charmin Ultra is considered "the best toilet paper money can buy." The toilet paper is durable enough not to tear or split while in use, but it's real charm comes in its comfort. Charmin ultra is soft, sleek, and infinitely comfortable on one's most sensitive places. Consumers love it because of this. It also dissolves easily in water, which means it won't clog up the toilets of people who use it.

2 - Other Charmin

Other Charmin products, such as Charmin Essentials and Charmin Ultra Strong, are also ranked highly by Americans. The Charmin company is certainly an expert in toilet paper. People like Charmin Essentials because even though it isn't the strongest or the softest of the Charmin brand products, it is both strong enough and soft enough, and the price for this type of toilet paper is significantly less than some of the other Charmin products, which means that the value makes up for the fact that it isn't the very best.

Charmin Ultra Strong, while lacking some of the comfort of the other Charmin products, is incredibly strong and simply refuses to break, tear, rip, or suffer any other type of damage during normal product uses. Charmin Ultra Strong is also comfortable, though it does not boast the same top-of-the-line comfort that Charmin Ultra does.

3 - Scott 1000

Although it does not always rank at the top of any charts for either strength, comfort, or any other attribute, Scott 1000 is still consistently listed on the polls and charts for America's most popular toilet paper brands. This is because of its affordability. Scott 1000 is known for being one of the lowest priced toilet papers on the market, and this makes it one of the best-selling toilet paper brands in America.

4 - Angel Soft

Angel Soft is another of America's top-selling brands of toilet paper. It is a solid middle-of-the-road, 2-ply toilet paper that is comfortable enough and holds up decently under regular uses. It is reasonably priced, and people on a budget find that it is a good compromise between comfort, quality, and price.

5 - Quilted Northern (all types)

Famous for both its double and triple ply options, Quilted Northern is another best-seller in America. Its triple ply rolls rank as some of the softest and most comfortable toilet paper available to buy, and its double ply rolls are also soft and sleek. It is also quite durable, though in numerous tests, it has failed to be as durable as many of the Charmin-brand products. However, it is also normally found at cheaper prices than Charmin, as well, which makes it a very popular option for people who want ultimate comfort at a cheaper price.

6 - Cottonelle (all types)

Cottonelle has 1-ply, 2-ply, and 3-ply options available from which a consumer can choose, and the great thing about Cottonelle is that whether a person uses the 1-ply or the 3-ply, the comfort level is nearly the same and is consistently excellent. In many polls and surveys, Cottonelle consistently ranks among the higher rankings. People love how Cottonelle feels when they use it, and it is also a very strong toilet paper, no matter the ply. Cottonelle is sometimes more expensive than other brands, however, and that is the only factor that hurts it. Still, the old adage "you get what you pay for" really applies in this case because Cottonelle is top-of-the-line when it comes to both comfort and durability. That is sometimes worth paying more.

7 - Store Brands

When looking for good toilet paper brands, consumers should not discount store brands out of hand. There are some really good store brand toilet papers on the market today, including Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value, Target's Up and Up, and Walmart's Great Value brands. All are considering to be preferred choices for American consumers.

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