Office Swag Promotes the Brand and Encourages Employees

The term “swag” isn’t what it used to be. “Stuff we all get” used to be exciting at conventions. Companies wanted to market themselves in fun ways through free items to people attending the convention. Unfortunately, many of the choices were uninspired and repetitive. 

That being said, the concept of office swag remains excellent. Office swag can be used in two ways. The first way is to provide employees with a sense of accomplishment and reward. Giving your employees swag bags for a job well done can be an inexpensive, yet nice way to congratulate them. The other way to use office swag is to use it for marketing. This is how swag started. Simply by giving out items with a logo or company name on them, it will continually provide simple basic level marketing to the brain of someone using the item. There’s a reason that company based pens were passed around for decades. They worked! 

Using Office Swag as a Marketing Tool

Marketing items need to be items which are going to be used in casual moments by people. Items like stress balls will often get tossed in the trash. Clothing is often a good choice. People have an oddly powerful affinity for a free tee shirt. 

When not going the clothing route, items like pens and tote bags are naturals for choices since everyone needs them at some point for some purpose. If your company makes a specific item, try to play off of it. Make shoes? A branded swag shoe keychain could fit nicely. Be creative, but be sensible at the same time when you market your brand. 

Office Swag for Employees

When creating items as a reward for employees, it’s best to try to pick out things they may actually enjoy and use in their day to day life. Giving your employees a company branded poodle shampoo isn’t useful to many of them outside of poodle owners. Many of the best items to give out are ones which can be used around the workplace itself. 

For people who work in an office, getting up to get water repeatedly can be a hassle. Branded water bottles or mugs are simple, cheap and effective items which are useful to try to minimize those trips. They can also reduce extra waste as they can be reused. This idea of functional and useful office gear is a great place to start. 

Many companies choose branded clothing as an item they will provide as a reward. If this is the case, try to have several different styles and sizes of the item. People who are outside standard sizing may feel offended if there’s nothing for them. 

Commonly Created Types of Office Swag

Essentially anything can be turned into office swag and given out to market or as a reward. However, there’s some items which are commonly available to people. Some of the most popular items include: 

  • Water Bottles - They’re reusable and very useful to people. 
  • Fitness Items - Items like yoga mats can encourage employees to exercise and be as fit as possible. 
  • USB Drives - A good looking USB drive is a useful tool and lets people take their data around. 
  • Power Banks or Chargers - Much how a USB drive is a useful tech item, so are power chargers. A cordless power charger is a great item as you can put the log directly on the wireless charger. 
  • Fun Items - There’s plenty of games that can work great as swag. Branded playing cards are an obvious example. 
  • Sweatshirts - Having a branded sweatshirt or hoodie to wear if the office gets cold is a great piece of swag. 
  • Clothing - T Shirts and hats are common. Winter hats or winter gloves are also common pieces of clothing that can be turned into swag. 

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