The Differences Between A Mobile Home & A Manufactured Home

For those who are in the market for a new home, there are some things they should know about both mobile and manufactured homes that might help them decide which of the two options are ideal. In this article, homebuyers will be able to take a peek at the various differences between mobile and manufactured homes as well as the pros and cons of each type. It is with this information that homeowners can more efficiently decide upon and purchase a home of their choosing. Below, the article will further explain why mobile homes and manufactured homes are ideal for those in the market for a new home. Here is what homebuyers should know before they sign on the dotted line.

Question and Answers About Mobile vs. Manufactured Homes

Q: What are Mobile Homes?

A: Sometimes people consider a mobile home to be the same thing as a manufactured home, but in reality, they are two different things. A mobile home is more often known as a home that was built in a factory before the 1976 standard codes were written for these homes. Mobile homes are usually found in places known as trailer parks where several mobile homes are placed together.

Q: What are the Pros of Mobile Homes?

A: Mobile homes have several advantages as well. They typically cost much less than a traditional home, which can make it easier for many people to purchase and own their home. Mobile homes also have a certain flexibility to them that traditional homes do not have. For example, mobile homes are semi-permanent. This means they can be moved should you choose to move it in the future. These homes, since they are built in controlled environments, are held to higher standards during construction.

Q: What are the Cons of Mobile Homes?

A: However, there are a few disadvantages as well. Just, for instance, mobile homes decrease in value when they leave the factory, much like a new car right off the lot. They are also usually more expensive to finance when purchasing these homes. This is due to the relation of mobile homes being personal property. They are also challenging to resell should one choose to sell the house.

Q. What are Manufactured Homes?

A: These homes, built after the codes of 1976, are constructed entirely in a factory, and they are produced with a higher standard of construction than those made before 1976. These homes are insulated, and when considered in today’s terms, are often nicer than some homes that are built on-site. These homes even come in several different options like single or double section. Still, there are manufactured homes that are known as modular homes. These often look like on-site homes, but they are delivered in pieces to be put together on the site of the house.

Q. What are the Pros of Manufactured Homes?

A: Much like a mobile home, a manufactured home is built in a controlled environment, which makes them higher in construction standards. This is especially true for homes built after 1976 when the codes for these factory-built homes was raised. There are also various construction advantages to having a manufactured home.

Q. What are the Cons of Manufactured Homes?

A: Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to these homes as well. One downside is the upfront payment that is required to build the home in the factory, ship the house, and then place it in the correct spot. Another con that manufactured homes have is the lack of customization. Though many of the modern options are more customized than before, they still have the inability to be customized in things like layout and materials.

When preparing to purchase a home, many people go back and forth between older versions of mobile homes and the modern manufactured homes that seem to be increasingly popular in today’s time. However, before purchasing one of these homes, potential homebuyers should consider the details about each type, the pros, and the cons. With this information in mind, the homebuyer can make a better, more educated decision on their new home choice. Just a little research can ensure that they make the best and the right decision based on their needs and their wants when it comes to their home.

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