Bracelets Are A Beautiful and Convenient Fashion Accessory

One fashion crime people commit unknowingly or with intention is undermining the effect of jewelry on their looks. Accessories add a subtle finishing touch that can sparkle an item of clothing. One timeless accessory that seemingly will forever be in style is bracelets. When worn the right way, bracelets reflect casual elegance in women and add a unique edge on men, who most usually wear watches. Bracelets are unisex accessories ideal for both genders, with the key being how people incorporate them in her look. Some tips to consider when wearing bracelets include:

  • Wearing a bracelet that is suitable for the occasion or place one is wearing it. A beaded bracelet is perfect for a campus lecture rather than bangles that may be noisy.
  • When wearing multiple bracelets, mix and match with various patterns, styles, or colors.
  • Don’t overdo the bracelets. Bracelets should accessorize the wrist, not cover up the whole arm.
  • Wear a comfortable bracelet that is not too tight or too loose.

Bracelets are a beautiful and convenient fashion accessory for people looking for fresh fashion inspiration to maximize their look. Here's what to know about bracelets.

Types of Bracelet Styles

The fashion industry is all about options to satisfy a range of preferences and identities. Bracelets are no different, with differences ranging the patterns, colors, and most importantly, styles or designs. Below we discuss some of the popular types of bracelets in the market currently.

  • Bangles - Bangles are firm and complete circle bracelets. As it has no openings, one wears a bangle by simply sliding it over the hand to their wrist. Bangles that fit ideally should be slightly loose and move around the wrist freely without dropping off. They appear more stylish when layered with other bangles.
  • Tennis Bracelets - Tennis bracelets have, over the years, carried an elegant and simple charm about them. The bracelets are embellished with tiny gemstones of one's choice; however, most designers prefer diamonds. They are best worn alone or well-matched with another type of bracelet, such as charm bracelets.
  • Chain Bracelets - Made from chains, chain bracelets can be of varying sizes and designs depending on the chain. Chain bracelets are pretty simple to create and add a cool feel to an outfit.
  • Beaded Bracelets - Beaded bracelets are majestic and bold pieces of craft. They are made out of beads that can be from gemstones to silver. Their designs also vary, with bearded bracelets being stretchable or perfect loose fits. They are fun additions and are best worn with other bracelets.
  • Cuff Bracelets - Cuff bracelets are worn on the wrist like a handcuff. They have an opening and can either be broad or thin in size. They are primarily available in metal form but with varying patterns and textures.
  • Charm Bracelets - A charm bracelet allows one to add ornaments or charms to the bracelet. Historically charm bracelets were worn to chase away evil spirits. The idea of charms over the years has grown to include beliefs or memorable life moments. Charm bracelets are personal and can have meaning behind wearing them. They're available in different materials and designs.

What Materials Are Used to Make Bracelets

One of the elements that make bracelets exciting is their availability in different materials. The materials speak volumes about style and are a great place to start when choosing a bracelet to buy. Here are some materials used for bracelets.

  • Silver bracelets are one of the most sought out for. Bracelet makers love silver for its hard but malleable nature. The reflective surface makes it a great accessory to add a laidback shine and glamour to a look.
  • Cords are used to hold beads or for a bracelet that needs knots on the design. They are available in leather, cotton, elastic, and natural hemp. Leather cords are strong and the best choice to use as cords.
  • Wires are another alternative for stringing a bracelet. They are slightly less flexible than cords but are much stronger. Thick wires can also be used to create full bracelets; for instance, copper wires can make attractive bracelets
  • Gold is another charming material to have on a bracelet. Gold bracelets are fancy and showcase luxury or, in some cultures, signal time for weddings. The gold bracelets vary in standard, with the highest karats being the most pricey. Gold can be processed into various color tones during the alloying process, for example, rose gold. If one is seeking a durable bracelet, it’s hard to beat gold.
  • Pearls or gemstones are used to adorn bracelets and make them even more stylish and edgy.

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