Capri Pants Are a Fun Take on Your Standard Pants

When thinking about your wardrobe for the entire year, there are certain things that often come to mind. One of the most important is the kind of pants you wear on a daily basis. You want to have pants that work for many kinds of occasions all year long. Of particular importance for many women are finding the kind of pants that flatter their figure and show off their innate sense of style. For many women, the answer is clear when it comes to fabulous plants. Capri pants are ideal for modern women in so many ways. They are versatile, elegant and easy to put on. They're also modern and lively. If you're making plans to look for Capri pants, it helps to know what kind of pants you want. Fortunately, the modern woman can find lots of variations that allow her the carefree but totally polished style she wants.

Variations of Capri Pants

One of the many reasons why so many women love Capri pants is that it is so easy to find a type that works for them.

  • Wide leg Capris - Wide leg Capris offer a wide leg that lets you put them on easily. These are a great choice for the summer months when you want to keep it simple. The wide leg makes it easy to have a look that resembles a skirt but with all the comfort of pants.
  • Clam Diggers - Clam diggers are Capri pants that hug the upper part of the calf. They're ideal for the summer months when you want to keep things light and stay in style. Look for a fit that tapers across the bottom. Many women like this look in denim as it has a lot of modern, understated elegance.
  • Cargo Pants - Cargo pants have pockets on each side. They are a good choice when you're making a lot of trips during the day and you want to stay organized.
  • Skinny Leg Capris - Skinny leg Capris offer a close fit against the leg. That's a great option when you want to show off your toned legs on a casual weekend afternoon.

Popular Retailers 

If you're in search of Capri pants, you'll find lots of brands more than happy to deliver.

  • Lands End - Lands End is one brand that has your back. This is a fabulous option when you're looking for colorful pants in lots of styles. They offer bright colors that are ideal for the spring and summer months when you want to sit by the pool and relax. These are pants that are great for women who like to keep things casual but still show off their personality.
  • The Gap - The Gap is a fantastic option for the woman who likes to keep things modern and prefers to look for fashion forward Capri pants. They offer pants that are all about keeping up with trends. You'll see many types of styles of Capri pants when you stop by this store. If you're looking for variety and a chance to stay on point, this is the ideal outlet.
  • J.Crew - J.Crew is hip and trendy. They're a wonderful option for the woman who likes items that offer lots of charm. They're an upscale outlet that brings in all you need in pants. Go for one of their many styles in fabrics that do the job so well. They offer Capri pants in linen and other materials that are cool and comfortable as well as easy to care for when you bring them home. This is also a great place to find lots of wonderful accessories for your Capris that allow you to create a complete look from head to toe.
  • Old Navy - For style on a budget, you can't beat Old Navy. This is one retailer that gets what you want and knows exactly how to deliver it. That's the secret to their success. It is also why so many women go here for their basic wardrobe essentials. They have lots of Capri pants on hand each season. You'll find terrific styles that show off your legs and let you move very easily.

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