Cosmetic Choices Can Say a Lot About a Person

There are many different aspects of a person that encapsulate their personality. Everything from the way a person dresses to the way they walk to the language they use gives off a certain impression. In a fast-paced world, first impressions are everything. Think about how important it is to dress nicely for an interview, for example. For a woman, one of the first things that strangers will notice about her is her makeup. The decisions a woman makes regarding her makeup routine can say a lot about her. With such a vast array of different colors, styles, and trends to choose from, how can you be sure that your makeup tells the story you want it to? Here’s a breakdown of six popular makeup looks and what they can tell you about a woman’s personality.

1 - Smokey Eyes

The smokey eye is a classic eye look that has been utilized by makeup lovers for many years. Its wearer is a classic beauty who isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons. With its soft but dazzling blend of colors, the smokey eyeshadow compliments any eye shape. The cornerstone of the perfect smokey eye is the black that blends it all together. Black is a color that is elegant and bold. This effect comes across as alluring and confident, drawing her admirers’ attention to the face’s most captivating feature. Any woman who rocks this iconic look is a woman who is self-assured and isn’t afraid to turn heads wherever she goes.

2 - Natural / Minimalist

Many women used to forgo minimal makeup for the fear of appearing boring. But boring is not a word that describes the woman who is confident enough to go natural. She’s a woman who is comfortable in her skin. She already knows what her best features are and she applies just enough makeup to flatter and emphasize those features. A light coat of mascara will draw the eye to her already voluminous lashes. A splash of blush on her cheeks will warm her captivating smile. Whatever move she makes this woman is mature but don’t call her basic. She is laid back yet self confident and knows how to make a statement without causing a scene.

3 - Pastel

Pastel makeup, especially used on the eyes, was a staple of the nostalgic 90’s. However, this fun look has come back into vogue in modern fashion. A woman who incorporates pastels into her eye makeup is someone who is youthful and fresh. She is in touch with her inner child but that doesn’t make her immature. These colors are romantic, alluding to the wearer’s open heart and generous nature. She is a carefree kind of free spirit with a distinct style that is unapologetically feminine. A woman who accentuates her mouth with fun colors like mint, violet, or blush, is vivacious and charming. She’s the belle of the ball and she knows it.

4 - Cat Eye

The cat eye is one of those classic looks that never went out of fashion. It takes a bold, confident woman to rock a perfect cat eye in her daily life. A steady hand is required to perfect the thick, striking lines of the feline-esque eyeliner, implying a touch of perfectionism and an attention to detail. This attention to detail makes her fashion forward and on trend. A feline look to the eyes, especially when emphasized with bright eyeshadows, is distinctly feminine and sensual.This is a woman who knows her style inside and out but isn’t afraid to mix things up or seek out new experiences.

5 - Red Lipstick

Red is a color that imbues both passion and power. It’s no surprise that these traits are also found in women who use this color as their statement. Women who use bright red lipstick tend to come back to this staple look no matter where life takes them. Even though her lip look remains a classic, that doesn’t mean she’s set in her ways. She’s not afraid to try out fresh and innovative ideas for the rest of her makeup routine and in her personal life. She’s a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants and will pursue her dreams with determination. Although she has a nuanced personality, her life can be summed up with one word: fearless.

6- Dark Lipstick

Plum, black, and deep berry are colors that aren’t often seen on the lips. That’s why they are a magnetic choice used by dauntless and daring women. The woman who utilizes powerful dusky colors in her makeup is a modern-day trend setter. She’s got a sharp wit and a keen eye that looks to the future. Despite her enigmatic appearance, she is a warm individual who builds lasting relationships. Simply put, she doesn’t have time for trivial drama. Instead, she prefers to channel that drama and entertainment into her style.

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