It's Time to Dance, So Dress Right!

Dancing is fun and wonderful exercise for people of any age. This activity is great fun for partners or singles alike. It's perfect for anyone from expert level down to a beginner just starting their life of dance. There are many forms of dance from ballet to salsa. It's important to find clothing that lets you move with the music and keeps you from getting too hot and sweaty on the dance floor.

We've put together a brief guide to finding the right dance outfit for you. Consider your range of motion and what looks and feels great when you're ready to bust a move. We hope these tips help for finding the best dance apparel to set the stage for a great night out or a flourishing career in the arts.

Common Dance Apparel

There are several things to create the perfect dance apparel. Combined together, you’ll feel comfortable and have great range of movement. The things you need include:

  • Leotards - Leotards are generally made of stretchy material in one piece to wear comfortably and ease your movements. Many leotards feature snap button closures for your comfort.
  • Shrugs and skirts - Shrugs and skirts are great to wear over your leotard when you're feeling cold or want to cover up easily after a dance class or performance. These pieces will add modesty to your style but also allow you to dance without restriction.
  • Athletic shoes - Sneakers are preferred for hip-hop dance, while slippers are exceptional for ballet. If you're interested in line dance, look to cowboy boots with functional tread so you don't slip on the dance floor.
  • Leggings - Leggings allow a wide range of movement with nylon and spandex material for all types of dance. Leggings are also flattering for almost all figures no matter your age.

Finding Dance Apparel Online

There are many ways to shop online for dance gear and find a fit that looks great on your body. If you don't want to go shopping in the stores, consider a subscription box that allows you to try on clothes and send them back if you don't like how they look.

Another option is to buy a multi-package of leggings, leotards, and more from a bulk retailer. When ordering online, you'll want to read reviews to see if you should buy a bigger or smaller size. Once you feel comfortable with your purchase, it's time to try it out. If you're not satisfied, contact the retailer for a refund or exchange.

Sometimes it's best to find a brand you trust and order directly from their website. Look to athletic brands you feel comfortable with and shop right from the source. Tried and true brands are a great bet when you're unsure where to get your dance gear from.

Finding a Dance Supply Store Nearby

When you're looking for a great dance supply store, search social media and review sites to see where the best shop is in your area. Look to your local mall for a specialty store that specializes in athletic wear. You can easily find comfortable outfits that work for dance as well as any other sport. Find your dance center and see if they have a pro shop. These costumes and workout gear may be a bit more pricey but should fit to your lifestyle and last during classes and performances. Locate your niche. Whether you want to dance ballet, hip-hop, or line dance, you can find a specialty store with the gear you need. Make sure the outfit is comfortable and lets you move freely no matter your art form.

The most important part of the world of dance is your personality and freedom. Find an outfit that feels and looks best and prepare to shine! No matter your age, you should still have some fun with an activity you love and appreciate.

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