No Closet is Complete Without a Cardigan

A cardigan is a knitwear sweater that serves as an outer layer in cool weather. Traditionally made from wool or cotton, they can also be found in acrylic or a variety of blends. Cardigans are a terrific way to keep warm in spring or fall weather. They also make a great, stylish layer under a heavy overcoat in winter to help you stay warm. You may be most familiar with V-neck and round-neck cardigans, but there are a variety of different styles to choose from. If you still haven't found the right cardigan for you, maybe it's time to try again. This is the perfect time of year to add a cardigan to your wardrobe. With fall weather rolling in, adding a light layer to your look is the way to go.

Types of Cardigan Styles

There are a surprising number of different cardigan styles that people can try out. Some of the most popular one include: 

  • Open Cardigans - This style lacks buttons or other closures, giving them an elegant drape and nothing to snag on. They are sometimes called shawl-collar cardigans. These are a great substitute for a shawl and will stay on better. Best for cool weather when you don't need to bundle up.
  • Long Cardigans - If you are tall or long waisted, this may be the look for you. Instead of ending at the hip bone or mid-thigh, these can end below the knee. They can serve as a coat substitute.
  • Zipped Cardigans - These have a neat, tailored look and frequently come with pockets. They make a great substitute for a jacket and can help give a more formal air to your look. They may not have long sleeves and can evoke a poncho aesthetic.
  • Tunic - These are on the long side and end somewhere between the hip and the knee. This is a more casual, less fitted look.
  • Cropped - This shorter style is sometimes called a bolero. These are often much more of a style statement than a layer for warmth. Look for them in bright colors and open weave designs to add a bit of lace-like material to your shoulders and arms and enhance an evening-wear look.
  • Belted - If buttons are not your thing, a belted cardigan may be the way to go. The belt can help you keep it closed and retain warmth while keeping the lines simple. These can come in a variety of lengths.
  • Hooded - If you aren't a fan of hats, a hooded cardigan can help you keep warm in cold, blustery weather without messing up your hair. They provide an elegant look while dramatically upping the warmth factor since up to half your heat escapes from your head.

Best Places to Buy a Cardigan

If you prefer to try clothes on, cardigans are available at most stores that sell women’s and men’s clothing. For budget-friendly options, you can hit up your nearest Walmart or Ross Dress For Less. Or go to your favorite department store that sells your favorite look.

If you enjoy the convenience of shopping online, there are many options available. These include stores like Walmart but also include brands like Urban Outfitters, Gap and Banana Republic.

If you are looking for styles that suit the region where you live, you may wish to pick a large chain store headquartered near where you live. If you are in the Pacific Northwest. Nordstrom might serve you well as it was founded in Seattle.

Macy's was founded in New York and tends to have more of an East Coast vibe, which may be the perfect answer for you depending on where you live. Dillard's was founded in Arkansas and may have the perfect look if you are in the South or Midwest. Another great chain store from the deep south is Belk.

Regional stores are sometimes a good source because they carry clothes suited to the local weather. The fact that weather differs between regions is part of why regional clothing styles develop in the first place.

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