Online Shave Clubs Save People Money on Razors

As more and more people turn to online shopping as a substitute for traditional brick and mortar experiences, the popularity of subscription boxes has skyrocketed. It seems like you can buy nearly anything through the mail now, and having everyday consumables mailed to you directly through a subscription can save both money and time. One of the leaders in the mail-order market is razor blades. The field has become more crowded in recent years as increasing amounts of suppliers race to earn your consumer dollar. The wide selection of mail order razor blade subscriptions has made it easier than ever for consumers to select the brand and service that best meets their personal needs and preferences. Although the basic premise is the same across all of the brands, there are a few differences that make each choice unique. Here are four of the most popular online shave clubs and their characteristics:

1 - Dollar Shave Club

As one of the first online shave clubs to hit the market, the Dollar Shave Club owns a large part of the market share of this industry. The starter pack comes with one razor and four cartridges. After the first initial shipment, the consumer can choose how often they receive the Restock Box. This versatility is ideal for those who have varying shaving needs depending on the time of the year. Although the Dollar Shave Club's fees are less than most of the competitors, their blades are also more on the basic end. Dollar Shave Club differentiates itself from its competitors because it offers a free trial so that you can decide if this program is right for you.

2 - Gillette on Demand

The iconic leader in shaving has harnessed its influencing power to reach the direct order consumer. The benefit of this club is that you always know that you are getting the traditional Gillette brand with every order. This is a good choice for those people who have always enjoyed the Gillette brand and do not want to deviate from its standard of excellence. Why bother going to the store for your Gillette blades when you can easily order them online for a better cost?

3 - Harry’s

Starting at just $8, this starter set includes a razor featuring a weighted rubberized handle, a five-blade razor cartridge, and a travel blade cover. A bottle of foaming shave gel is also included as a bonus so that you can sample all of Harry's products. From there you can choose from one of three refill plans. All of the plans come with free shipping, giving you a professional shave at no extra mailing cost to you. The ongoing shipments are mailed according to the frequency of your shaves, but you can adjust this at any time to suit your habits. Harry's is known in the industry as providing a more premium shaving experience.

4 - Shavemob

Similar to most of its online shave club counterparts, Shavemob offers a variety of flexible monthly packages to choose from. What makes Shavemob different is its innovative rewards program. Members can earn up to two free months of blades when they refer five friends, making Shavemob a great choice if you are a social influencer or think that you can get your friends to join in on the convenience. This trendy brand is a fun way to get your shave on every month.

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