You Never Need to Go Without a Necklace If You Have the Right Style

Necklaces—those striking ornaments of sparkle and glam will always be a relevant way to make a fashion statement. There are pieces of jewelry that trend with any age group. A popular trinket of jewelry to flaunt these days is, indeed, a necklace.

However, the cost can be a factor in picking a faux or authentic neckpiece. The primary purpose of the chain you wear is to draw attention to your style and personality. Some people may be all about the bling. Others might have a personal connection with a necklace, such as a family heirloom. No matter the reason you wear it, you put it on to show off something about yourself.

Everyday Necklace Styles

Today, the everyday necklaces seem to be layered pieces, gold or silver pieces dangling a charm of the moon and stars, or a chain-link design with a lock attached. People of all ages will wear these famous looks. Even so, some will wear a simple look with no charms, just with different designs and lengths. Jewelry fads have never really had an age-appropriate body display.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that when people reach a certain age, their taste in jewelry may become more solid and simplistic. When you hit your 50s, you usually do not want to sport the same trends that the youth are now putting on. Unless you are a rock star in your latter days, you will usually go for more artsy or meaningful jewelry pieces. Therefore, pieces that never go out of style but are still adored by the middle-aged to the senior citizen groups would be:

For Women:

  • A single diamond chain – Many older women love a regular-sized gold or silver chain with a single diamond charm.
  • A long-decorated neckpiece – A typical person in their retirement years may take up travel, and during this time, have found an artsy piece from somewhere abroad—a unique look with a special memory behind it.
  • Pearls - A string or two of pearls seems to be a go-to for more mature women during outings, dinner parties, or anything that requires them to dress and show something around their neck.
  • A Chain and Charm – During your middle-ages or older years, a woman may wear one specific necklace anywhere she goes. It could have her children’s birthstones or an antique-style locket with a few photos of special people. The always famous charms for these groups would be the religious ones—the star of David, the crucifix, and Buddha, to name a few.

For Men:

  • A Chain with a charm – A man will usually wear pendants that sport a number or religion.
  • A Plain chain – A man will more likely than not go for just a real gold, silver, or platinum chain around their neck. Layering a few is an option for some. However,most will only wear one chain or no chain at all. No decorations are used

Special Occasion Necklace Styles

These types of necklaces are perfect for the older groups. When you reach a certain age, you should enjoy showing off your hard work around your neck. Both men and women will probably have a few unique pieces tucked away safely in their jewelry boxes and will start to wear them more often in their golden years and on special occasions. They will be reminders of a life well-lived. The type of special occasion necklaces are ones that display beautiful gemstones. Some popular gemstones are:

  • Diamonds
  • Rubies
  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds

An elegant piece of jewelry for a special event will most likely be expensive-all genuine stones and metals with nothing fake made into them. They are timeless.

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