Photography Is A Great Activity, But It Needs The Right Camera (lifestylealive)

Some days our memory isn’t what it was when we were in school. In those days, we could memorize masses of information in order to spit it back out on an exam. Nowadays, we’re doing good if we remember our address for the Uber driver.

When we grew up and had our families, we wanted pictures of every little change in the babies. We wanted to catalog their growth, their play, their accomplishments. Sometimes we actually did. It was a good day when we had the money for the film but most of all, when we had the time off from work.

The opportunities to see the children and the grandkids are few, but precious to us. Technology wasn’t the shock to us older folks that people think it was; we mastered social media, smartphones, and streaming services on our TVs and tablets. We love talking to the kids and grandchildren on FaceTime, Skype, and video chat.

However, we need more permanent memories. To get them, we need the best camera available . This article will focus on some of the best quality cameras that are easy to use.

1 - Canon Powershot ELPH 180 Digital Camera

This pocket-sized camera is a great point-and-shoot digital camera for anyone, but seniors will especially appreciate it. The camera features an anti-shake stabilizer, zoom and telephoto lens capabilities, as well as editing the pictures to adjust the exposure or the look of the picture. The rechargeable battery is the same as a smartphone battery and comes with a wall charger. The memory card transfers your pictures to your computer, so you can print them.

2 - Sony DSCHX90V/B

Another pocket-sized point-and-shoot digital camera, Sony offers its users 29-minute video capability, WiFi capability for sharing, GPS, a viewing screen that can be tilted to fit your needs, 30X optical zoom, 60x clear digital zoom, stabilization, and autofocus. Just point it and the camera does the work. You can transfer your pictures anywhere via WiFi, so you won’t need cords to connect to your computer.

3 - Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ53-RD 16MP Digital Camera

Kodak moments are perfectly captured with features like enlarge, zoom, crop, and rotate, panning to allow perfect pictures of a subject in motion, smile and blink adjustment, removing the red eyes from your pictures, and wide-angle lenses to allow you to take the picture without stepping back to fit it into the frame. It’s a cute little red camera about the size of your smartphone, so it will fit in a pocket or purse. It comes with a rechargeable battery.

4 - Nikon Coolpix S8000 14.2MP Digital Camera

Want to make videos with stereo-like sound? Want to take pictures like portrait studios, complete with skin tone adjustment, blink warning, and with the perfect smile? Then you need this camera. It features 10x zoom, stabilization, wide-angle, creative slider, portrait system, and three-inch color screen. Comes with a battery and charger, or you can charge it with your computer.

5 - Samsung TL205 12 Megapixel Digital Camera

Smart cameras adjust the scene for the subject you’re shooting, zooms in with a 3X optical zoom, stabilizes the images, and delivers high-resolution pictures and video. Add to all this that if you want to get into the picture, too, there are dual screens in which you can see yourself along with your subjects. Battery and charger included; SD card will transfer pictures to your computer.

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