Sew Like a Pro With the Right Sewing Machine

Hand stitching can be tedious, and the person who does hand stitching can spend hours working on a single project. This is why sewing machines are so very popular. A sewing machine can make the work go quickly to create a beautiful end product. When a person decides to purchase a sewing machine, there are several things that they will need to look for. The first and foremost thing that a person will want to consider is their budget. Some machines can range in price and be anywhere from $100-$500+. The price will all depend on the features of the machine as well as the brand. A person considering purchasing a sewing machine will also need to consider what kind of features they want on the machine. Newer sewing machines come with a ton of different features that can make life easier when sewing.

Common Sewing Machine Features

There are many different sewing machine features that are on sewing machines of today. Here are a few of the features that are available:

  • Computerized - Many of the newer sewing machines today are computerized. They will have a display monitor that will control stitch width, stitch length as well as stitch selection.
  • Automatic button hole - This feature uses sensors to sew a buttonhole to the exact size required.
  • Needle threader - Needle threaders work by threading the needle for the user with a microscopic hook. This helps the user to thread the sewing needle easily.
  • Memorize needle button - This feature has a machine remember to always put the needle down into the fabric when sewing stops. This helps the fabric from shifting position.
  • Free arm - A free arm is where a portion of the sewing machine bed can be removed so that a person can sew with clothing that has tight spaces.
  • Automatic thread cutter - Many sewing machines have an automatic thread cutter that is an internal scissor mechanism that will trim the threads when the end of the seam is reached.

Popular Sewing Machine Brands

There are many popular sewing machines brands on the market today. Here are some of the most popular sewing machine brands:

  • Brother - Brother is one of the most well-known sewing machine companies out there. Brother makes a broad variety of products on the market, including computers, printers and more. Brother has many popular sewing machine models as well as embroidery machines.
  • Singer - Singer is known as one of the world’s leading sewing machine. Isaac Merritt Singer was an American inventor who was one of the first to make sewing machines for use in the home. Singer has a broad variety of models available today.
  • Janome - Janome was the first to create a computerized sewing machine for the home. They were also the first to offer a long arm quilting machine for use in the home. They offer a broad variety of models for home use.
  • Viking - Viking sewing machines are formally known as Husqvarna. These machines are known for their high-quality and computerized machines.

To Sew or Buy That New Quilt

If a person wants to add some color and uniqueness to their home, they can make or purchase a quilt that has a rustic feel. A person will need to consider whether or not they want to make the quilt themselves or purchase one in a store. A person will get a better chance of having the quilt they want if they make it themselves. A person who makes the quilt themselves can decide on factors like size, pattern, coloring, backing, and many more features. It is also rewarding to create a piece for the home by hand. Using a quality sewing machine, a person will have no trouble creating a beautiful quilt that fits their home. A person just needs to make sure that they purchase a sewing machine that fits their needs and will work well for quilting.

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