Which Resources Online Can Help Me Build a Website?

Are you one of the many people that never had the chance to learn how to utilize the Internet for your business or personal needs? In this day and age, most tasks can be completed using a smart electronic device, such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Are you wanting to have either a small business or a creative outlet that you can share with the world? Creating a website for professional or personal reasons can be difficult if you have no experience in coding in HTML, JavaScript and other programming languages. Luckily, many sites offer services, such as online editors, free hosting, email, photos and other resources that almost anyone can use on any level. If you are wanting to start an online shop, or create a site for your hobby, here are some great tools, some free and some paid, to help you get started on your path to success in a technological society.

1 - Godaddy.com

First, you need a domain that people can find your site with. There are websites like Godaddy.com that offer domain names for about the price of a daily meal that lasts for an entire year. Another great thing about a domain name is you can be as imaginative as you want, as long as the name is available. And, most domain names end in .com, like "example.com," but if you can't get the domain name you want, there are plenty of other endings, such as .org, .tv, .me, and so on, allowing you to find the right domain.

2 - Free Email

You can get a free email address through sites like Google, Yahoo, and AOL that have email storage options. Each one is very competitive, and each one offers at least one email address per account. If you are looking for multiple email addresses for one business or even one family, your hosting provider can typically allow up to a certain number of accounts to unlimited accounts, depending on your needs.

3 - WordPress.org

WordPress.org is a free to use website that not only offers free hosting but has a plethora of tools and themes for users to access as long as you have a domain that you have already purchased. You can create any website you can think of, from a photo blog, an online journal, an online shop, or more. The service has a vast library of features and plugins that you can get to get started, and certain features do require some fees, but it is not necessary to get started.

4 - Wix.com

Wix.com is tailor-made for designers, artists, and businesses, but does offer some options for personal use, but it is all subscription based. For their basic plan, they have options like 3 GB of storage and a free domain for one year, as well as other limited features. If you are creating a small business, they have business plans with a lot more features, but you will need to invest in the use of their services to use it. The additional features and in-house coding that they offer does make it one of the popular small business sites on the Internet.

5 - Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service, for limited features, allowing users to use web-based analyzing software to find out how their site is fairing with site traffic. It can enable more if you are willing to pay for more features. The importance of knowing about the traffic on your website is so that you are aware of how many people are visiting your site. It can be invaluable so that if there is something you can change or offer on your website that you may not have been providing more to bring more people onto your site, you can. While this may be more important for businesses, some personal websites that want to be more popular in search engines can use these features as well.

6 - Pexels.com

Pexels.com offers thousands of free stock photos that are uploaded by users every day. Plus, if you feel adventurous, you can upload your photo for people to use. With it's easy to use search engine and a huge library of photos, you can find any subject you are looking for. They also have links to other stock photo sites, some which you do have to pay a fee.

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