Are You Prepared For Peyronie's Disease?

There are many different diseases which can affect men in relation to their genitals. Peyonie’s disease is a condition in which people can suffer from serious scar tissue forming on the penis. This tissue can cause the penis to become abnormally curved when erect and result in severe pain. 

Peyronie’s disease can become a serious problem because it will damage a man’s capability fo have sex or get an erection. For a lot of different ment, this will in turn causes a lot of stress or anxiety. It can be in regards to the disease itself, or the perceived failure of their duties to perform the sexual act. 

Causes of Peyronie’s Disease

There are a number of factors which are believed to be part of the causes of Peyronie’s disease. It’s important to note that there isn’t a single definitive cause. The first cause is undergoing injuries to the penis repeatedly. It’s very possible for a penis to become injured during sex, sports or other injuries. The key issue and cause is that during the healing process, scar tissue doesn’t form in a consistent manner. It can instead form haphazardly and lead to curvature. The key about this scar tissue is that when the penis would normally form an erection, the scar tissue will instead avoid stretching. These areas of scar tissues are known as plaques. This causes excess bending in the penis. 

However, it's not just about the way injuries heal. There are several risk factors which can contribute to people getting peyronie’s disease. Heredity factors can play a role. If male members of the family have gotten it in the past, it’s more likely you may get it. Men over the age of 55 are at a far higher risk of getting Peyronie’s disease. Men who have also had diseases like Dupuytren’s contracture which thickens cords in the body are also at increased risk. 

Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

The symptoms of Peyronie’s disease can come on slowly. In other instances, they can occur rapidly. There’s a variety of symptoms that might be felt in the area. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Significant Bend - There’s no issue with minor to moderate bends in a penis. It’s possible for men to have a curve in any direction. These bends are incredibly hard. Sometimes people with Peyronie’s disease may find odd narrowing and indentations, or even an hourglass shape. 
  • Difficulty Getting an Erection - Erectile dysfunction can be a common symptom. Both getting and maintaining an erection can be difficult. 
  • Shortening - It’s possible that a man’s penis may be shorter due to the scar tissue areas not expanding. 
  • Scar Tissue - The most common symptom is the scar tissue that forms. This can be felt under the skin, and typically feels like hard tissue in a lump or band form. 
  • Pain - Many people can feel pain when they get an erection if they have Peyronie’s disease. 

Treating Peyronie’s Disease

There are some occasions when Peyronie’s disease will clear up on its own. These are however rare. Doctors might consider delaying treatment if the symptoms are mild, or if the curvature has not gotten any worse. This is especially true if there’s no issues with erectile dysfunction and no pain during sex. 

If symptoms are worsening (as will be most cases), there are a series of different oral medications which may be prescribed by the doctor. These are taken for several months with the goal to reduce potential scar tissue. Another option is the direct injection of Peyronie’s collagen directly into the penis. This can help reduce curvature.

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