A Good Dress Shoe Makes Any Person Look Stylish

Dress shoes are an important part of any adult's closet and are usually worn to more formal events like weddings or business-related functions. Many people have several pairs of dress shoes so they can mix and match which color patterns and styles to be more appropriately dressed for a variety of events. There are many brands on the market today that are made with quality materials in stylish fits.

When shopping for a new pair of dress shoes, knowing the brands and price ranges to look out for helps streamline the shopping process and know the best style for the shopper. From there, you can start building your outfits and ensuring that you’re always putting your best foot forward. 

1 - Ace Marks

This brand was established in 2012 in Italy. It works to provide genuine Italian craftsmanship at an affordable price point to many interested shoppers. They're hand-burnished and dyed with help from a partner company and provide a level of comfort and style that's hard to find elsewhere. They offer many styles of dress shoes from Oxfords to Wingtips. Plan to spend a moderate amount on quality, luxurious shoes from this brand.

2 - Amberjack

Amberjack is a unique brand in that they carry one type of shoe called “The Original” in a number of colors. Even with one type of dress shoe, they're well known in the field as having an experienced team of designers. The soles are effortlessly comfortable, and they have heat-activated arch support that's amazingly innovative in the field today. Amberjack has created a shoe that molds to custom-fit the user's foot. This shoe is water repellant and has unique athletic performance abilities. No matter the weather or event, this shoe adds style and class to any outfit and provides a great conversation starter.

3 - Allen Edmonds

This brand started in 1922 and became popular supplying the American military during World War II. This brand provides a wide range of customization options including specific width requirements and hard-to-find sizes. Allen Edmonds provides a custom experience at an affordable price point. This brand also carries formal clothing and quality accessories that can be hard to find in matching colors elsewhere. With every shoe feeling like a custom fit as well as the option to create a specialized pair, every shopper can find dress shoes to fit their preferences.

4 - Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy has a reputation for providing shoes so luxurious they've been worn by world leaders like United States' presidents. They can outfit everyone in the family with quality footwear for every occasion from shoes to wear to school to a dress pair for a family member's wedding. They're known for the special foam inside their shoes that's very light, flexible and comfortable. From comfort clothing to formal outfits, this brand can fulfill every shopper's needs with traditionally inspired designs and styles. Johnston & Murphy tend to have higher prices than other brands on the market, but the legacy and craftsmanship in their products are priceless and hard to beat.

5 - Oliver Cabell

This shoe brand is a great option for those who are looking for an ethically made pair of comfortable dress shoes. This brand markets itself as a way for shoppers to buy traditional shoe styles at reasonable costs, unlike other brands that increase their prices for more profit. Oliver Cabell provides quality dress shoes, clothes, accessories and even jewelry for men and women. This brand continues to create and put innovative designs and styles on the market today. By developing fashion trends with shoes that are ethically sourced and created, shoppers can purchase their shoes without worrying about their impact on the environment.

6 - Massimo Matteo

This is the most affordable brand listed here and carries many styles, colors and sizes of dress shoes for men and women. Massimo Matteo brings luxurious fashion to the market hand-crafted by professionals in the field. This is a family brand that aims to give each wearer a custom fit that matches who they are and what they're looking for in a shoe. Shoppers can also find plenty of clothing options to fill the wardrobe of everyone in the family. This brand is great for those who want great styles, fashion and quality at unbeatable budget prices.

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