Activewear is One of the Fastest Growing Clothing Markets

Worldwide, people have never been more aware of the need to be healthy than today. The need for a total lifestyle overhaul is at a peak, with more people opting to eat healthily and exercise. Unfortunately, people looking to get into an exercise routine find it difficult to choose clothing suitable for working out. Manufacturers have expanded the sportswear assortments offering a variety of activewear styles ideal for consumers. Regardless of the brands of activewear in the market, they all serve the same purpose and help enhance performance. There are countless types of activewear in the market for all genders. Apparel worn on the lower half of the body consists of quarter-length pants, full-length pants, shorts, leggings, and skirts. The upper body wear includes but is not limited to sports bras, tank tops, and vests among others. Activewear is usually made from different types of fabrics to ensure they are invisible during workouts. Here are some of the most popular Activewear brands and why.

1 - Nike

Nike, unlike popular opinion, does not only deal with shoes but has a whole line of active apparel. Notably one of the most recognizable brands globally, it focuses on performance materials with innovative designs. Its vast collection has activewear for the gym, running, basketball, rugby, and football. The materials for such active sports are often made of calico, a type of cotton that is highly absorbent and is environmentally friendly, keeping in line with Nike's sustainable products. In its activewear, it also has apparel for yoga, golf, and skateboarding. Materials used to make it are spandex that is comfortable to wear and form-fitting. However, most are treated with polypropylene to ensure it becomes moisture absorbent.

2 - Adidas

Adidas is all about sports. Since its inception in 1949, apparel wear has made advancements in its sportswear by incorporating technology to produce innovative sustainable clothes and new designs for better performance. It's one of the most popular brands as it allows the wearer's skin to breathe while in action. Its branding is easily recognized with the three white stripes and mountain logo.

3 - YogaOutlet

YogaOutlet is one of the brands that mesh fashion and fitness perfectly. It is made of high-quality material and strong as it stretches without fear of ripping in any direction. Catering for all people, the online retailer has thousands of pieces available for choosing. The best part is that all genders can comfortably wear activewear in and out of the gym, from sweats, athletic shorts, comfy tops, and many others. Pricing is also a significant factor in its success as it matches prices when any other stores offer the same at a lower price.

4 - Gymshark

Gymshark is one of the most engaging brands of Activewear. Created in 2012, it has a unique strategy where customers can state their necessities online and respond accordingly. However, cementing their wear as outstanding, they periodically release workout examples and challenges for the masses wearing the Gymshark brand. Its incorporation of the best designs and styles also makes it a sort-of brand. Women can choose flex shorts, flex leggings, essential tees, seamless sports bras, and seamless leggings. Men have arrival shorts, quilted bombers, critical zip joggers, crest hoodies, and veer t-shirts. An assortment of accessories to help with the workouts are resistance bands, hats, gloves, socks, and hats.

5 - Public Rec

Most Activewear focuses more on women's clothing than men's. Public Rec is dedicated to athletic and leisurewear. Comfortable in its own right, it’s tailored to wear from the gym to a simple evening out. Without the typical gym look, all other sportswear brands have, many women have also flocked to use it. It’s made primarily from cotton and spandex, and the stretchy fabrics offer a comfy fit with unmatched style.

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