A Perfect Shade of Lipstick Is a Must Have For Anyone

There are those who understand that a face is really a canvas. A lipstick shade is an artist’s final touch to this masterpiece. Identifying the right shade of lipstick can accessorize any occasion whether it's casual, work, or formal. Those who become familiar with the connection between skin hues and shades of lipstick begin a journey. Traditionally, lighter skin tones pair well with pale colors while deeper skin tones pair better with a richer shade of lipstick. However, there are those who are willing to take a different journey and discover customized nudes, pinks, reds, and corals, regardless of age, skin tones, or lip texture, and are courageous frontrunners. These individuals are willing to embark upon an exciting trip that takes them to exciting shades of lip color again and again as they discover their true shade-confidence. Whether they discover a lipstick shade that has the intensity of a matte lip shade, a stain of the right color, a shade that reflects a bold and daring wet look, a frosted shade to show off a nostalgic side, a balm to soothe a pout and give it color and shine, or a liner to provide colorful volume, the sky's the limit.

1 - Maybelline

For those who search for lipstick shades to illuminate today’s lifestyles, Maybelline answers with shades of lipstick that include shine, tint, crayon, and matte. These can accommodate those who want the flexibility of transitioning from a dramatic nighttime theme featuring a purple or red lipstick shade to an understatement of a pink or a nude lipstick shade that is suitable for making a job interview entrance that is scheduled in person or virtually.

2 - Revlon

Revlon speaks to those who are looking for the ultimate shade in long-lasting lipsticks from the company’s list of shades including fuchsias, corals, pinks, reds, and coppers. Revlon's variety of lipstick shades are convenient for those who want to enjoy the confidence of eating and drinking without compromising one moment of color. Those who are engaged in high-performing lifestyles, public or private, can turn to the high-performing lipstick shades of Revlon.

3 - Dior

Dior is a perfect companion for those who know what is important in order to retain a look of confidence throughout the day without feeling weighed down. Dior is for those who know what it means to be sensational from head to toe. Dior provides an opportunity for those who choose to match a lipstick shade of choice with their personality, profession, hobby, or lifestyle in general. Those that radiate confidence require lipstick shades that back them up. They need look no further than the exceptional variety of radiant shades of lipstick offered by Dior.

4 - Covergirl

For those who focus on quality, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and count on lipstick that will stick and stay through meals or even those intimate moments, Covergirl has the lipstick shade for you. For those that crave variety, Covergirl does an assortment of shades with liquids, topcoats, and mattes that do not disappoint even those with the most discriminating taste. Those in the know realize that your shade of lipstick should not fade prior to the end of even the most grueling day. Covergirl provides shades of lipstick that last longer than you do.

5 - MAC

Those individuals, beginning with professionals to the girl next door, who remain confident and poised no matter what the day brings, MAC is the answer. MAC has shades of lipstick that provide an excellent choice including shades for all skin tones. Those that are willing to get cozy with the various shades of nudes, reds, browns, neons, and frosts, position themselves for an experience that only MAC lipstick can award.

Finally, those who commit to continue this journey of perfect lipstick shade discovery can experience the intensity of a matte lip shade, a stain of the right color, a shade that reflects a daring wet look, a frosted shade to show off a nostalgic side, a balm to soothe a pout, or a liner to provide colorful volume. Their experiences are only limited by their imagination. For those who are unsure regarding lipstick shades in connection with skin tones, applicable shades for an occasion, or the application process itself, customized virtual and online assistance is available.

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