Mastering Your Skin Care Regimen

Most women believe that great-looking skin comes via lucky genetics or is only possible at a young age. However, a clear, radiant and smooth complexion can be developed at any decade for women of all skin tones and skin types. It all depends on the proper formulas chosen to exfoliate the skin, speed up cell turnover, boost collagen and elastin production, reduce the effects of photo-aging and improve skin texture. 

Every woman needs to invest in the right skin care regimen to deliver real results. Beautiful, youthful skin is not a given. Instead, a flawless complexion is developed thoughtfully and with proven beauty science. It's not about hyped-up products that promise wrinkle-free skin in two weeks. All one needs is a smart approach to skin care and four key steps to take their complexion to the next amazing level.

The Cost Of A Chemical Peel

When it comes to the best kind of exfoliation, nothing beats an old-fashioned chemical peel. This classic, topical acid solution is applied to the face and/or neck to deeply cleanse the pores, remove the gunk and debris and dissolve layers and layers of dull, old, dry skin cells.

The quick treatment performed by a licensed aesthetic technician is worth the small splurge to smooth the texture of one's skin by removing the damaged outer layers. The average cost of a chemical peel will run about $100 or more. It depends on the type of peel chosen and if other treatments are combined with the peel. A series of peels can deliver a healthy facial feature, smoothness and help soften fine lines and wrinkles.

The Best Anti Aging Skin Creams

A skin cream with exceptional anti-aging ingredients will rejuvenate and transform a complexion. There are both over the counter and prescription services with do a great job on the skin. Many have been around for decades at this point and have proven their usefulness. The advantage of the very best creams is that they have the ability to remodel skin on a cellular level. The best versions also have the power to affect the retention of collagen. Other incredible skin-building creams include vitamin C and copper peptides.

Benefits of Collagen

Dermatologists agree that collagen is key to a gorgeous complexion and gives the skin its best features with structure, firmness and elasticity. General aging and repeated sun exposure break down collagen. As the decades go by, collagen diminishes significantly, and that leads to wrinkles, sagging and loss of facial volume.

Adding more collagen to the diet can help maintain a firmer complexion. Consuming bone broth is one way to get this protein boost, but many women prefer taking hydrolyzed collagen supplements to reap the benefits. These collagen powders are effective at being digested and absorbed by the body, and their amino acids are distributed for bioavailability.

Best Sunscreens For Faces

No matter what creams and substances one applies to their face and neck for anti-aging benefits, the correct sunscreen is another major factor in maintaining a youthful appearance. Sunscreens for the body are not the same as facial sunscreen formulas.

Facial skin is more sensitive and delicate than the skin on the body, so the ingredients must not be irritating or occlusive and cause acne to develop. Facial sunscreens are lighter and more readily absorbed. Three of the leading facial sunscreens include:

  • La Roche-Posay 50 Tinted Mineral Ultra Fluid Sunscreen
  • iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 30
  • Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Hydrating Shield

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