Improve Your Style With A Closet Full of Dresses

Anyone looking for a closet upgrade and an easy way to incorporate fashion into their daily lives should look no further than dresses. Throughout history dresses have made a fashion statement. Today dresses are no longer the layered ball gowns that royalty used to wear. They've turned into one of the most versatile pieces of clothing and one of the easiest. Dresses are simple and straightforward. You can add layers to create a new look, but dresses are also meant to be worn alone. Who doesn't love the idea of picking one piece of clothing instead of two and still looking fantastic? Here are some tips for finding and wearing perfect dresses. In no time your closet will be full of fabulous, easy outfit choices.

What is a Cocktail Dress?

A cocktail dress is one of the first must-have items for any woman's closet. Cocktail dresses are dresses for semi-formal events. They are often evening wear and should be paired with accessories such as jewelry or a nice clutch or handbag. There is a lot of variety within the realm of cocktail dresses. They can vary in levels of formality, so you'll want to have a couple for different occasions. A cocktail dress can also vary in length. Most come to the knees, but they can also fall below the knee or stop just above the knee. Cocktail dresses allow for a lot of color, and they can be flowered or patterned. Today a maxi dress can also be considered a cocktail dress. A maxi dress has a long skirt that reaches to the ankles. It's often made with a light, flowing material and has a simple top. Maxi dresses are often brightly colored and patterned.

Dresses for Special Occasions

For special occasions it's good to have a dress that is slightly more formal than the versatile cocktail dress. Events such as weddings, galas, or important outings often require a floor-length dress. Formal dresses tend to come in darker colors, such as navy blue, black, and maroon. That isn't to say they can't be colorful or bold. These formal dresses are often made of materials such as silk or tulle. They are meant to be elegant and eye-catching. Formal dresses often have detailing such as lace, beading, or embroidery.

Finding Plus Size Dresses On the Cheap

There are many kinds of dresses and none of them are one-size-fits-all. If you aren't sure what size dress you wear, you can start by going off your pants size. Many dresses use a similar measurement system. Because dresses are so versatile and popular, it should be easy to start your closet upgrade. Thrift shops often have incredibly cheap options in good condition. Stores online also sell dresses for a variety of pricing options. Today online shopping is easy because most stores offer free return shipping if you need to try a different size. Finally, though not as cheap as some online or pre-owned options, department stores still have the most options for an affordable price.

Popular Dress Styles

Once you've determined your favorite store to shop in, it's time to choose some new favorite dresses. Many people love what's called the skater dress. It's tight at the top but flares out below the waist for a look that's comfortable and fun. Shift dresses are also popular today. Though less form-fitting than some dresses, these are often made of comfortable materials such as cotton and are great for warm weather. They're sometimes called t-shirt dresses because they feel like wearing a long t-shirt. The last dress style that is popular and extremely easy to wear are long-sleeved dresses. These are great for colder weather and are easy to layer during the winter. They can be form-fitting and tight or can be an A-line style which flares into a wide skirt below the waist. A dress is easy and comfortable and a great choice to add more style to your everyday look.

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