Many People are Really Loyal to Their Favorite Brand of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the accessories that everyone should have. Acting as valuable assets, they help shield wearers from elements and UV rays. Fortunately, sunglasses can be worn all year round as exposure can shield the eyes from strong winds causing eye discomfort, the cold during winter, and sun rays during summer. Wearing sunglasses is more than just for protection, as they can work as unique fashion statements. With sunglasses trends changing every season, there are practically hundreds of designs in the market to choose from. The best part is that everyone has a unique feature, and sunglasses designs have incorporated it, ensuring that everyone gets the ideal sunglasses for their face’s frame. When looking for sunglasses to invest in, several factors need consideration, like cost and design. However, the quality of the sunglasses is vital to ensure that they work for ultimate protection while offering style. With several brand names taking center stage in creating masterpieces, some of the most popular brands in the market offer value for money.

1 - Oakley

Oakley is one of the most marketable and advertised sunglasses brands globally, and with good reason. Made with precision, its roots trace back to 1984 to what is considered today as pilot shades. The brand caters to a specific demographic, and lovers of sports have a brand that has all sunglasses for every sport they wish to play. Riding on the sporty feeling as its signature, it has finally broken the market as a mainstream accessory. Many people take it out as everyday wear as its polarized sunglasses protect the eyes all around from unwanted glare or reflections since they cover the eye socket entirely.

2 - Ray-ban

Created in 1936, Ray-ban has been around for almost a century. However, what makes it successful is its ability to produce high-quality, stylish sunglasses with every release. Opening its first location in Italy, the powerhouse brand's popularity arises due to its silver screen. Giving off that movie look, they are the go-to brand when seeking variety in framing styles. The best part is that they have various price points catering to people from all walks of life while maintaining quality, making it a budget-friendly sunglass brand.

3 - Maui Jim

The Maui Jim brand is the only brand of sunglasses that are especially intended for bright sunny places. With the need starting in 1980 in the colorful sunny islands of Hawaii, the design is made to combat the brightness that can cause harm to the eyes. However, mainland countries embraced the design due to its captivating trendiness while still offering a sporty look for wearers. Its quality has proven superior as its lens technology allows for wearers to see colors brilliantly. Catering to all kinds of people, they also cater to prescription lenses.

4 - American Optical

Everyone knows about American optical as the longest-serving sunglasses brand in the market, being in the industry for more than two centuries. Its first sample was made in a simple design that includes colorful tints in a simple shape but has since embraced technology placing it at its forefront. It offers variety in colors while offering durable pieces that can last decades. However, American optical gained international popularity after making the first sunglasses worn to the moon by Neil Armstrong. Today it’s a household brand name and the to-go brand for many individuals. Considering its overall makeup, it is a top brand that offers value for money, making it a quality investment.

5 - Tom Ford

In the list of quality sunglasses brands, Tom Ford is the newest, entering the market in 2005. Starting as a successful clothing designer, fashion designer Tom Ford ventured into eyewear to supplement the clothing creations for the red carpet. However, it is a familiar brand for many people looking for quality protection as it offers 100% protection against UV light. The slim frames make a stylish profile suitable for wearers escaping the popular large frame brands. Its most famous designs are the cat-eye, the aviator, and wraparound styles. However, they often release sunglasses collections catering to all people as diverse people can wear them.

6 - Prada

Prada is a brand name that is all about luxury, class, and elegance. Best known for its high-end designer wear, its sunglasses designs are designed by the world's most renowned fashionistas. For diversity purposes, they offer numerous sophisticated designs that are colorful and innovative for both modern and vintage looks.

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