Scrapbooking Is a Great Hobby to Try Out!

Have the cute scrapbook layouts you've seen online and in magazines made you want to try scrapbooking? Scrapbooking provides a creative way to decorate your photos and keepsakes. Those crafty looking framed pages take a little time to layout and design but they provide a worthwhile time investment to create an artistic presentation for your photos. If you want to try this easy, fun hobby, you can get started today. Read on to learn the materials you’ll need and some tips from an experienced scrapbooker that can help you get started faster and create simple, sophisticated designs from the beginning. 

Getting Started

You can easily get started scrapbooking with a kit. A scrapbook kit will include a selection of papers, stickers, pens or rubber stamps with ink pads. Some include stencils. Typically, you also receive a project guide with step-by-step instructions. These kits usually feature an overarching theme. Common themes include Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, birthday and seasonal kits. If you decide to start without a kit, you need to decide on a theme and shop for materials. Look at the projects on a few scrapbooking websites to get ideas or pick a project. Make a list before you enter the store. It is so easy to go overboard on supplies. Do not buy more than you need.

Materials Needed

Scrapbooking carries a few basic needs. You will need the scrapbook, pages designed to fit in the book, sheet protectors, cardstock, stickers, rubber stamps, ribbon or lace and double-sided tape or glue stick. You also need to make a copy of each photo in case you make a mistake.

Purchase your early supplies judiciously. You probably only need half of what you think you do. It can be overwhelming to have too many scrapping options. Stick with your chosen theme and go with a less is more approach. The store will still be there tomorrow and anything they sell out of will remain available online. You can always buy it later. Buy materials that would work for multiple projects or themes, for example, a variety pack of papers with solids and prints.

Popular Scrapbook Ideas

The Internet and scrapbooking magazines contain a plethora of ideas. Try some of these simple tips when you get going with your scrapbooking plans:

  • For your first few projects, choose something simple. Rather than cutting your photos into various shapes, stick with rectangles or squares.
  • Use a mask or frame over the photo to provide the shape's illusion. Avoid using patterned scissors until you are an experienced scrapbooker. Once you have the hang of design, you'll know where to use this unique accent on a page.
  • Consider designing a portion of the page to devote to journaling. This provides you a space on the project or its reverse to record a written memory of the day, too.
  • Take a less is more approach to design. Place, at most, two or three photos per page. Any more than that crowds it too much.
  • Go easy on the embellishments. Simple is good. It provides a timeless look and feel. The same goes for titles and lettering.
  • Expect a learning curve. You won't become Van Gogh overnight. Give yourself time to learn how to scrapbook.

Let these tips help you get started with this fun hobby that can make your memories a pretty keepsake. Start scrapbooking today.

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