Underwear Has More Than a Few Style Options For Anyone

Underwear is a piece of clothing worn underneath outer garments for the most part in direct contact with the skin, even though they might include more than a solitary layer. They serve to hold external articles of clothing back from being dirty or harmed by the body, reduce the erosion of outerwear against the skin, shape the body, and give disguise or backing to parts of it. Underwear has more than a few style options for anyone. You can find something that suits your taste and lifestyle, whether you're looking for something to wear on the beach or at the office. There are many factors to consider when choosing underwear; color, size, shape, fabric type.

Styles of Men's Underwear

Many of the choices that men go with are well known. That being said, there’s quite a few options men have. They include: 

  • Briefs - They are close-fitting and resemble a short trunk. Younger men or boys typically wear them.
  • Boxer Briefs - They are a hybrid of shorts and briefs, consisting of an elastic waistband like brief-style underwear with the more extended fabric pouch for the testicles. Boxer briefs commonly have expandable leg openings that may be closed with a button or tab to hold them in place at the midpoint between thigh and waist. These were designed by the U.S.-based clothing manufacturers, including Jockey International Inc. and Fruit Of The Loom, Hanesbrands Inc., B.V.D.They became popular circa 1993 due to their popularity among athletes who appreciated their roominess around active joints but tightness elsewhere which provided support during physical activity such as running and cycling, according to Men's Fitness magazine editor Patrick Huguenin. The fabric of Boxers consists of elastic fibers that provide a great degree of a stretch compared with other types of men's undergarments like those made from cotton or silk. However, this means there will likely be more significant wear and tear on them than these materials would experience over time. Notwithstanding, their design makes them very comfortable yet stylish—the critical factor in choosing your next pair!
  • Trunk Briefs - These are shorter than boxers but longer than brief underwear. Trunks give moderate coverage to the upper thighs with an elasticated waistband that sits on the hips for most styles of boxes; some types sit lower down at hip level or higher up around the navel (belly button). Boxer briefs have become very popular recently since they provide freedom of movement due to their loose fit design, which is similar to shorts rather than tight-fitting like traditional male underpants allowing more room between legs and giving your genitals space without being constrictive.
  • Boxer Shorts - These are essentially shorts, but made of comfortable and more intimate materials that are best right beside the skin. Boxers may be the most popular of all forms of men’s underwear. 

Styles of Women’s Underwear

Women's underwear styles include thongs, boy shorts (similar in coverage to a bikini bottom but with an elasticated mid-rise waistband like low-cut panties/briefs), hipsters (less than full brief coverage on the lower part of the abdomen,) French cut or high cuts ("V" shaped front panel higher than back), tangas (front triangular piece connects side panels which are noncontinuous; usually sheer or lace material covers crotch area while rest is a solid color).Some other information includes: 

  • Thongs - They are a form of underwear typically made as one or more pieces of thin material (typically cotton, silk, satin, nylon, polyester) worn between the buttocks. Thongs are currently the thinnest and most minor type of underwear. Thongs come in a variety of styles. Mainly consisting of variations on front panel design (the part that sits against the groin), several straps or strings used to secure it around an individual's waist, leg openings style (straight across, cut-outs, etc.).
  • Hipsters - They blend two underwear styles: boyshorts and bikinis. They do not cover the belly button because they lie a few inches below it. They come in different styles, such as classic hipster, French cut hipster, control briefs, full briefs, etc. Hipsters are cut from other fabrics. This plays a role in the shape, cut, and design.

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