Try Out These Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids!

Whether you’re trying to feed your child or grandchild, you’ve probably learned one very real fact about children. They can be very picky about their food options. Kids gravitate towards simple flavors. Sweet tends to rule the day. This can be a problem, because sweet usually involves a lot of sugars. 

Picking a healthy snack for kids doesn’t need to be that difficult though. There are lots of healthy options that taste great. It’s important to start children on eating healthy from an early age so it becomes normal for them, instead of something they have to grin and put up with. Healthy snacks will help with a child’s nutrition and keep them healthy and aid in their growth and development. If you’re struggling for some healthy kids snack ideas, try some of the ideas in this article. 

Fast Snacks

Sometimes you just need a snack on hand to give your child. Typically most snacks are either pre-prepared or don’t really need any prep. Washing some grapes to provide your child when you’re out for the day isn’t particularly hard. Some great snack options include: 

  • Yogurt - High in calcium and protein, yogurt is great for developing children. Make sure you don’t choose a yogurt with too much excess sugar added. Sweeten it yourself if you need to. 
  • Ants on a Log - This classic celery based recipe just needs the vegetable topped with some peanut butter and raisins.
  • Nuts - As long as your child is ready to chew on nuts and not allow them to be choking hazards, they can be a great choice. High in protein, nuts help satisfy hunger and ensure your kid doesn’t want another snack for several hours. 
  • Hard Boiled Eggs - These should be kept in the refrigerator. They are high in protein. 
  • Pickles - As long as you avoid sweet pickles, you’re providing your child with a vegetable in a different form. Ideally, find some pickles in the refrigerated section. These use live cultures instead of vinegar and can help with probiotics. 
  • Fruit - Quite simply, a piece of fruit is almost always the right healthy snack choice for kids. Fighting to get them to eat their vegetables can be tough, but some berries, a peach or pineapple slices tend to be much more palatable to them. 

Basic Healthy Snack Recipes

If you’re wondering “what are healthy snack for kids?” then you are not alone. These simple recipes should provide healthy snack ideas for a kid. They are a little more complicated than the simple snack options offered up in the previous section. 

  • Veggie Pita Pocket - This recipe is fairly simple. Cut and open a pita to allow for it to be filled with toppings. Spread hummus on on flap. Then choose the child’s favorite vegetables and place them inside. Carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers can usually work. This can work wonders since kids often like to assemble their own snacks. 
  • Avocado Roll Ups - These are fairly simple to make. Peel 1 avocado and cut into slices. Then toss the slices in some lime juice to ensure they keep their color. You can then wrap them in a cold cut. Turkey is the standard, but if your child likes chicken or something else, you can try those as well. 
  • Sweet Potato Fries - Instead of deep fried french fries, some baked sweet potato fries can provide more nutrition and less excess fats. Simply peel and slice your desired amount of sweet potato (for kids, 1 is usually plenty!). Toss in a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with some sea salt or your favorite spice seasoning. Bake the sweet potato fries for around 20 minutes at 425 degrees F.

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