Your Screensaver Should Bring a Smile to Your Face Every Time You See It

When you walk up to your computer, what do you see? Is it a black screen? A generic mountain and sky? A screensaver's purpose is to put a smile on your face and excite you to sit down and have a pleasant experience. Whether you might enjoy your own photos, moving images, or slideshows, screensavers are meant to be personalized.

When people see your screensaver, they should also be seeing your personality come alive on screen. Your screensaver can bring joy each time you pass your computer room with the right image. The process of finding the perfect screen saver is fun and doesn't take much effort at all. Many dedicated screensaver lovers actually think searching for new content is the best part. The only problem you're going to have is selecting your favorite among all of the hilarious, sweet, and heartfelt screensavers you find.

Favorite Wallpapers

While you're updating your screensaver, it could be fun to take a shot at adjusting your computer wallpaper. Many people leave their desktop background blank because they don't know about the cool customization you can make. Aside from setting it as one of your favorite photos, you can go on the web and find a new photo that will make your desktop pop for yourself and guests. When you are giving yourself a new 3d wallpaper, be sure to get something that still allows you to see your icons and programs.

Some classic icons can include pictures of far off lands. You can get high resolution pictures of images from space, from magic wonders, and of course, cute animals. A typical favorite 3d wallpaper is usually wide open landscapes such as the Grand Canyon, large sand dunes, or large mountains. If you have a favorite celebrity or band, they can be the perfect addition to show off your tastes. If you have a favorite movie, maybe you can find its poster to add so you have that stylish artwork on your desktop background. Let your computer wallpaper represent what makes you smile.

Favorite Screensavers

When planning on your ideal screensaver, you need to decide what kind of tastes you would prefer. Many people opt to take on a slideshow of their favorite photos from family members. If you have taken a recent vacation, you may enjoy seeing a constant slideshow of this album. However, you also have the option of pulling up screensavers from the internet. This opens you up to a wide variety of new screensaver options.

Many people love to get screensavers that are fun to watch. One of the most classic screensavers are a maze that is navigated by an invisible person on screen. Watching the twists and turns may leave you enthralled and wanting to participate yourself. You can also get shifting shapes that will bounce all over your screen. Another classic favorite is stars and space rocks flying through your screen and creating the illusion that your computer is flying through the cosmos.

Finding Wallpapers and Screensavers Online

When searching for your favorite screensaver or wallpaper, take the time to make a list of what you want to locate. If you are thinking you want a movie poster, try to make a broader search such as 'movies' to be able to browse a large list. The best screensavers and wallpapers are sometimes the ones you stumble on when you least expect it. When you're planning on making your search, try to type random words of phrases to try to give the search engine an idea of what you are looking for so it can populate enough results for you to search through.

When you are looking for your perfect compliment for your computer wallpaper, try to keep your personal tastes in mind. If you choose to use a photo or several of your own photos, you should ask friends and family members for their favorite photos so you can add it to the collection. It will mean a lot when they come and visit to see their photo on your computer background. Not to mention, if your loved ones make you smile when you see them, it is a perfect situation. You want to find something that reflects who you are and what makes you happy. There is no reason to take shortcuts when finding what makes you happy.

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