How Can You Get Oil Change Coupons?

It seems like every time you turn the calendar page it's time to get your oil changed. This expense isn't just annoying but the bucks can add up if you aren't being smart about. It's possible to save some cash on your regular oil changes so the annual costs of maintaining your vehicle are a little more manageable for you. Even if you had extra cash for it, wouldn't you still want to save money?

Knowing how oil change coupons work and where you can find them is important. Not only does it help you save that cash, but it can help you maximize your savings. If you were to grab the first coupon you saw, you might be missing out on another one that would save you double. Perhaps your oil change would cost the same but you'd get better oil and oil filter.

By getting the most out of your savings, perhaps you can use those few bucks for lunch while you wait for your vehicle to get done in the shop. Maybe then it wouldn't seem so bad to spend your day getting the chore done! You might save enough to bring a friend too. But don't forget to tell them about the oil change you got at a discount so they can save as well.

How Oil Change Coupons Work

There are several types of oil change coupons. Some determine where you need to go, some determine the type of oil and filter you will need to purchase, and some don't matter at all. The most common types are:

  • Location Specific – These are usually offered by franchise locations such as Jiffy Lube, Firestone, Midas, and others. If you have a local shop or mechanic, they may also offer discounts and coupons.
  • Product Specific – Manufacturers of oil and oil filter products sometimes give coupons for their products. It usually doesn't matter where you go as long as they offer that product and accept manufacturer coupons.

Where Do You Get Oil Change Coupons?

There are several types of places you can go to get oil change coupons. If you already know what location you want to visit to get your oil change, you can look on their website. If they don't have them listed, you can always sign up for email or text coupons as they become available. You may be able to find location-specific coupons on sites like Groupon and RetailMeNot as well. You can do the same to find coupons for the brand you like to use. If you aren't particular, sites like those mentioned above are a great idea.

Questions & Answers

Need to know more about oil change coupons and how to find or use them? We have answers to several popular questions when it comes to this topic. Let's take a look.

Q: Is getting your oil changed professionally cheaper than doing it yourself?

A: It can be. The discounted price you can find for an oil change at a shop might be around the same cost as buying all the supplies to do it yourself and you'd just be spending the time to do it. However, if you don't have the tools or the time to do it yourself, or if you aren't mechanically handy, then choosing a shop is probably the best bet.

Q: Can you use an oil change coupon every time you get my oil changed?

A: There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to. Although some shops have a limit on the number of coupons, there is usually a way to get a coupon for a different location or different brand so you can get each oil change throughout the year with a coupon.

Q: Should you choose synthetic over conventional oil if you have a coupon?

A: The choice between synthetic and conventional oil usually comes down the age of your vehicle. Many older vehicles don't need synthetic and were made to run with conventional oil. The only exception to this is high mileage synthetic oils that might help your vehicle hang in there a little longer. The car manufacturers usually recommend synthetic oils for newer cars. It is important to check with the shop to see what is recommended for your vehicle.

Q: Can you use oil change coupons at the dealership?

A: Yes! In fact, many dealerships have their own coupons and discount programs for those who regularly use them to maintain their vehicle. You might even be able to get an oil change for free occasionally. Be sure to ask the service center if they offer them and how to start receiving them.

Q: Why are oil changes so expensive now?

A: A lot of the price increase in oil changes is because synthetic oils are more expensive to make. The new technology helps you save on gas but that larger bill every once in a while is still a shocker. Even the price of conventional oil is going up due to the economy and to world conflicts.

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