What's The Best Ways to Find a Job?

Getting a job should be easier now that technology is keeping everyone connected with just about everything under the sun, right? While tech certainly has changed the field, some people find it difficult to find a job that fits them. And while there are tons of ways to find a job, not all of them yield the same optimal, low-cost results. Since you don't want to be spending invaluable time and energy on job-hunting channels that do not generate any leads, it's important that you only focus on a few select ones. So, which methods work and which ones don't?Here are the top five ways that can get you a job without having to spend a fortune on third-party agency fees or a lot of hours on the web in shady and potentially dangerous websites. 

Finding a Job Online

The web is perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective solution for job hunters. Job sites and social media serve as great platforms for finding employers and connecting with employees who you can network with to get your foot in the door of companies you are interested in working for. When searching for a job online, have a plan as to how you'll weed through the dozens of listings available. Narrow it down to what specific job title you are looking for, what company mission and vision you value most, whether you're looking for part-time or full-time work, etc. Optimize your job search by saving a copy of your resume and cover letter so you can easily apply for similar job postings.

Finding a Job Through Traditional Means

Traditional means remain a viable path to getting a job. While it's not as sexy as digital means of applying for a job, newspapers and word of mouth can still get you invaluable leads. Find leads on your daily newspaper, network with people that you meet outside, and do projects in your free time. The latter is great, especially for technology-related careers. If you want employers to hire you, you should have a portfolio of impressive projects that showcase your skill and experience.

Popular Online Job Posting Websites

There are dozens of job sites today, touting their platforms to be the best in the industry. But of course, as with any market, there tends to be a few bad apples that you want to avoid. To protect your personal information from fraudulent activities, go with tried and tested platforms like Monster, Indeed, and Craigslist. Craigslist has been out there for years yet due to minimal barrier to entry, there are still job postings that are illegitimate. There are job sites that cater to specific professionals, such as accountants and web developers. For instance, Stack Overflow has its own job search section that connects employers with candidates. If you're having difficulty finding a job, a possible approach would be to find internship programs that offer the chance to transition to a full-time job after the program ends. Internships, YouTern, and LinkedIn are all great platforms for finding internship opportunities.

Finding a job shouldn't be painful and time-intensive. Given the right resources and connections, you can find a number of job positions that fit perfectly with your background, salary expectations, and cultural preferences. To accelerate the job hunting process, combine a mix of traditional and modern job hunting methods that are aforementioned above. Using these techniques, you not only will find the right job, but you can get several offers on the table and be able to choose which one you like most.

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