Pet Friendly Hotel Chains Worth Checking Out

A pet is a great form of friendship. As one moves through life, the bonds we build with our pet friends are something that have to be experienced to really understand. Pets help reduce stress and stress related issues. Unfortunately, there are times when that bond ends up being set aside for other things in our lives. One of those times is when we travel.

Or is it? While travelling with a pet used to be very difficult, many hotels have decided that they want to make it easier. Where once a dog needed to be put up in a kennel, now they often have the option to come with you on your trip. This is great for people who love their animals and don’t like the thought of spending a week or two separated from them. While hotels typically focus on allowing dogs to stay with them, some have branched out to a wide variety of animals. Which hotels do a good job of letting you travel with your pets? Read on!

Four Seasons

When a luxury hotel has decided that it wants to allow pets, you know that it’s moving in the right direction. Not all Four Seasons will allow animals, but more are joining. Like their human guests, the Four Seasons does all it can for its animal guests and their experiences. Small animals will have many amenities provided within the room itself. Beds and water bowls are always available. They even have pads for puppys that are still in training. While some may charge an extra fee, most pet friendly locations don’t bother charging extra. This makes it easy to enjoy your pet anywhere there’s a Four Seasons hotel.


Kimpton isn’t one of the larger hotel chains, but it is fantastic for guests with animals. They have almost 60 locations and don’t charge for pets to stay with them. Pet beds and are standard and concierge service helps you find pet friendly locations nearby to enjoy. Kimpton even has a nightly win reception where you can meet new people. Oh, and it’s encouraged to bring your pets! Kimpton doesn’t want people who travel without their pet to feel like they can’t stay there either.

Loews Hotels

If you’re looking to pamper your pet, you might want to stay at a Loews Hotels. They currently are located in 18 cities within North America. Typically there will be a small service fee, but your pet will thank you. There is a large amount of amenities. Pet mats, pet beds, bowls and treats are all ready! Litter boxes will even be provided for cat lovers. Forgot your food? Loews Hotels has a room service menu just for animals! It was developed by chefs and veterinarians to ensure that any pet staying at a Loews hotel is going to want to come back. 

Red Roof Inn

The Red Roof Inn offers a very simple premise. If you want to bring your pets, you can. While there’s a couple of exclusions, almost every location lets you bring your pets with you free of charge. There’s nothing special about the service mind you. There’s no amenities, so you’ll have to bring everything with you. However it’s still great to know there’s a pet friendly location located throughout the nation.

Best Western

The biggest chain in this list is very proud of how pet friendly they are. While not all locations accept pets, most do. They don’t stop at dogs either. People can happily bring their favorite feline, awesome avian or helper monkey with them. Fees vary by each location however. The good news is that fees get capped. The maximum fee per week will be $100. That’s pretty reasonable and ensures you don’t have to spend time separated from your furry companion.

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