What does "Senior-Friendly" Air Travel Mean?

If you are categorized as a senior, you may be able to use this to your advantage when you fly. There are a number of senior-friendly airlines that will provide you with discounts as well as services. There's no reason for flying to be intimidating or overly expensive. This is especially true for those at least 55 years of age. There's absolutely nothing wrong with using your age to get a few travel perks. You can choose to travel all over the globe to visit friends and family and to take once-in-a-lifetime vacations.

Consider all of the places that you can go. You may want to stick with domestic flights or venture onto a few international adventures. Either way, there are a few things to know about the senior-friendly airlines that are out there. It will make it easier for you to book travel and attend to any concerns that you might have. From there, you can start flying to all sorts of new destinations while saving money.

What does "Senior Friendly" mean?

Some airlines identify themselves as being "senior friendly." Essentially, this means that they offer discounts, services, or both to those who are categorized as a senior. Most of the airlines recognize a senior as anyone who is at least 65 years of age.

The services are designed to make traveling easier, especially if there are a lot of connecting flights that can be overwhelming or if mobility is problematic.

The Airlines with Senior Discounts

You might be surprised to find out the number of airlines that offer a senior discount. This is not something that is typically advertised. Rather than going online to obtain your ticket, it's best to call the airline's toll-free number. You can then provide your date of birth and request a senior discount. You can go online first, however, to familiarize yourself with the flight schedules and request a specific flight when you book.

Various airlines will offer the discounts:

  • Delta Airlines (available in certain markets)
  • American Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • British Airways
  • United Airlines
  • Air France (available for age 60 and up)

In some instances, such as British Airways, you have to be an AARP member in order to access the deals for seniors. Some of the discounts may also be available on limited itineraries.

Questions and Answers

After you have read all of the information regarding senior-friendly airlines, you may still have a few questions. Below are some of the most commonly asked, which should provide you with more details about booking air travel as a senior.

Q: What is the minimum age to be considered for a senior discount?

A: For all major airlines, you have to be at least 65 years of age in order to get a discount on air travel.

Q: What kinds of savings are available?

A: The discounts vary based on the itinerary> However, the discounts can be as high as $200 per flight.

Q: Do I have to call the airline to get a senior discount?

A: Most airlines require you to call in order to get the discount. Southwest Airlines allows you to book the discounts online, too, with an age verification tool.

Q: What senior services are available?

A: Many airlines offer a concierge service that will help you check-in, navigate through security, and bring you to a VIP area while waiting for your flight to board. United's service is called Signature Service.

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