Get Your Questions About Pen Customization Answered

You have probably wanted to promote your small business, school or church, to name a few examples, and you feel it needs to be completed in a relatively memorable but marketable way. Instead of going for a digital approach, such as an online advertisement or webpage on the Internet, or a print advertisement in the paper, you might want to look into a small and inconspicuous way to get your audience to remember you and what you are promoting. “How do I do that?” you may say. The answer is with customized pens. Customized pens are a cost-efficient and great way of promoting anything you can imagine and can be more effective than going digital. In this article, we will answer some of your questions about customized pens, and how easy and effective it can be to utilize them in whatever scenario you need. Here are five questions that should answer some of your basic questions to get you started on your approach to customized pens.

1. Why Customized Pens?

A: In this age, digital media surrounds us by influences such as television commercials, advertisements on websites and mobile apps. One of the greatest perks of having a pen handy is that if you need to make a note, you are more apt to grab a piece of paper and a pen than grabbing out your smartphone, locating the note-taking app and jotting down a note. Plus, pens are cheap and replaceable. You would not be too worried if one or two walked off with someone because they needed something to write with.

2. Isn't digital more effective in marketing?

A: No. In a study, email shows around .10% success in keeping a person's attention and direct marketing only .25% with potential clients. Search engine optimization is slightly more effective, and social media is solely dependent on where the marketing is happening and to what amount of frequency. Having something as simple as a pen laying around that someone can pick up, hold onto and take with them will last a lot longer than how long a person spends on the internet and can be surprisingly effective.

3. What should I think about when customizing pens?

A. Think about the design and space of the pen itself. You have a limited amount of space to get your most important information to the consumer, so make sure the color of the pen matches the business, school, or other functions. Also make sure to include the name, as well as contact information. If the customized pen is for a special occasion, the name and dates of said occasion should be printed on it.

4. How do I go about acquiring customized pens?

A: There are plenty of printing services, both local and on the Internet, that create custom logos, banners, t-shirts, and above all, customized pens. You have the option to buy in bulk, which is usually very affordable. Also, sometimes when you buy in bulk at some printing suppliers, they too have some bundling promotions that may help you to save some hard earned cash for more important things, like other marketing materials or supplies for your event.

5. Is there anything else I need to consider with customized pens?

A: If you observe your marketing strategy, you could plan to offer other special promotions to complement the customizable pens, such as customized notepads, customized pen holders, customized desk calendars, and other items. There are several different options out there, some very basic, and some very creative. Just keep in mind what you want to spend on your marketing supplies and plan accordingly with your business or function’s plan. The biggest point you want to have come across is your business or function name and how they can remember you.

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