Is Online Dating Right for Me?

One of the main issues that many people deal with is a feeling of loneliness and isolation. As a senior, it’s very possible you feel that way as well. It will often seem better if you find a companion. You may want to date, but are also wondering where to begin. You are not sure if dating really works the same way as it used to. You hear about younger people and how they may have it easy. Finding a date for them is only a click away. It may appear to you that the internet has infinite solutions to their dating problems. In addition, you are likely wondering how you too can tap into the benefits of the internet to meet a date. I have good news for you. Online dating is a great way for seniors with similar interests to get together. It can work for you as much as it works for the youngsters. At the click of a button, you can meet new people and give dating another shot. You may have a lot of questions about online dating. We are going to try to explain just how it works for you through some simple questions.

  • Q: Which online dating site suits my needs?
    A: When choosing a dating site, you should decide if you want to use a free site or one that will charge you for the services. Young people often use websites like and It is, however, more advisable to use a site where clients pay a fee. It’s far more likely you are dealing with people who are serious about dating in this way. It’s also a good idea to choose a dating website that specializes in your interest or age bracket. These could include Christian Mingle or J-Date as a religious specialization. Other websites like “OurTime” merely focus on ages 50+
  • Q: How do I know my date will be safe?
    A:  In your initial communication, you should use your mobile phone if you have one. Your home phone number is available in a phone book and can potentially give away information you’re not ready to disclose yet.
    First dates are fun, but should probably be somewhere public. While you’ve gotten to know the person online, it’s always smart to play it safe. Basically, follow much the same rules as when you meet a date in any fashion. Take your time and get to know them.
    Many people may choose to date long distance. Since this can be a hassle, your date may offer a guest room to stay in. Perhaps choose a hotel instead for the first few dates. This gives you the feeling of having your own place you can retreat to if you’re not comfortable with how your date goes.
  • Q: How easy is it to find someone?
    A: Most dating sites have high numbers of members. They make it possible for any member to select a date in different ways. Most offer an automatic matching service. All you have to do is provide them with your completed profile. They then use it to match you with potential dates. From the list of recommended dates, you select the one that most suits your needs. The other benefit to this is that you can keep a list of like-minded members that you can contact at any time. With this, you will always have people you share interests with whenever you need them.
  • Q: Will posting my profile on an online dating site ruin my reputation?
    A: You have probably built your reputation over the years, and you want to guard it jealousy. You could also be a person of high standing in your community. You are worried that if people know that you are on an online dating site, the gossip mill will be awash with the news.
    Joining an online dating site is only embarrassing if you let it be. The internet is currently the biggest forum for meeting people for various reasons. The stigma attached to online dating is severely out of date.
    You should also know that your profile is only visible to people who are members of the dating site you are using. They are also the people who match your personality, and you have probably contacted.
  • Q: When is it right to move the relationship from online?
    A: Chatting for long periods online and having long conversations over the phone is great, but eventually, the relationship needs to exist in person as well. It is important to invest in physical interaction to get to know each other.
    Spending time together will expose mannerisms that may endear your date to you, or potentially cause issues in a relationship. Some things may seem small, but they matter. How one dresses, how they treat people, personal hygiene issues and even physical attributes can be a deal breaker. You can only learn about them in your date through interactions in real life situations.
    When setting up your first meeting, keep it casual and public. Always make sure you feel comfortable and are enjoying how the date evolves. If you do establish a connection, you can take it from there!

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