Sustainable Clothing Brands Offer Something Special to Customers

Buying clothing is something you have to do in the modern world. A basic closet full of items is hugely important, Everyone needs a fabulous wardrobe full of items they can wear for any occasion. At the same time, shoppers also want items that are made in a deeply ethical way. The right clothes for many people are clothes based on a model that is sustainable in the long term. That is something that companies that make clothing based on renewable resources understand very well. These eco-friendly, green clothing brands make it possible to find the kind of clothing you want that fits into your wardrobe easily and does not impact the planet in a negative way. If you are looking for fabulous brands that understand your desire to keep things modern, stylish and warm as well as based on proven techniques that don't hurt the earth, these are the brands to keep on hand.

1 - Patagonia

Patagonia has long been an advocate for sustainable clothing practices. The items they offer for sale are made of organic cotton. That means far less pesticides are used in growing the material. They also use lots of recycled materials for their lines. They also make sure that conditions in their factories are humane. They want to ensure that all those who are involved with the production of their clothing are paid well. This makes it easy to buy clothing from them that looks good and is made by people who really care about the materials they use and the workers involved in production.

2 - Levi's

Levi's is one of the best known names in fashion and for good reason. They're noted for their denim clothing that is ideal for any kind of outdoor activities. If you're looking for jeans and other outwear, this is a brand to love. This is also a brand that does much to keep things green. They've been using ethically sourced cotton for many decades. They also make sure to keep items from recycled materials whenever possible. With efforts to reduce water use and keep it all green, they're a very green clothing option that many people may not have realized. 

3 - Fair Trade Winds

Fair Trade Winds is noted for their elegant clothing that is made by talented artisans. They work with some of the most talented local folks on the planet. That allows them to offer a lot of types of clothing. It also means that many of their workers are paid well while having the chance to share their abilities with the wider community at large. This is a great deal for the consumer as well. They get to pick items that are at a good price point while also helping to support communities of artists devoted to the art of fashion all over the world.

4 - Eileen Fisher

This stylish and popular brand is also known for their ability to bring the sustainable clothing model to life. They are happy to look for sources for their materials including items from their previous collections. The company is also noted for their hard work in pushing for fair wages for all those who are involved with the production of their clothing. Their designers are particularly fond of using recycled silks and cotton to create entirely new looks. That is one of many reasons why so many women love their modern work clothing. It's an easy to wear line that adheres to high standards.

5 - Quince

Quince takes eco-friendly into everything they do. It all starts with their choice in sources. They look for options that are guaranteed to be green in every way. This is all about a vision that covers everything they do. That includes packaging that is designed to be biodegradable so it won't end up in landfills. You'll also find a wide variety of attractive items such as tops made from mulberry silk. That makes it easy to order clothing from this company and feel good about it.

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