Do It Yourself Home Repair Projects Are Money Savers

When it comes to fixing your home, there's a lot of repairs and projects that can be undertaken without the need of a professional. This has become even more true with the amount of information and videos that are available online. Suddenly there’s a perfect step by step visual explanation for almost any job that you may need to do around the home. It’s a good time to be handy.

There are many projects when it comes to plumbing and roofing that can be done by yourself. These certainly aren’t the only things, but they are some of the most expensive that can instead be turned into a quickly completed project. Plumbing is a skill that people are quite happy to have a friend skilled in. But really, which projects can you do yourself? Check out this list for several projects

1 - Faucets

There are always several faucets throughout the home. These are used constantly every day. That kind of wear and tear can often produce leaks and flow problems. Fixing a faucet will depend on the type of faucet. Most of them simply require the water to be shot off and then the faucet replaced. If it’s something as simple as a drip, then it may merely need to be the replacement of a washer or tightening of a bolt.

People can also install a faucet fairly easily. Beautiful faucets can make the look of a bathroom or kitchen, so it’s tempting to spend a little extra on the faucets and then recoup the money by doing the work yourself.

2 - Fixing Toilets

This may not be a do it yourself project that you wish to undertake, but when a toilet breaks at an inopportune time, it’s a skill that people are happy to have at a crucial moment. There’s a few different ways a toilet may break that can be fixed.

The most common is a running toilet. This means that even after a flush, they keep draining water consistently. This is typically caused by a valve problem or a faulty floater. There are different types of toilets and thus, different repair issues.

3 - Changing Shower Heads

If you’re looking to upgrade your shower experience, you may want to change out the shower head. Detachable shower heads are very common and necessary for people who use shower seats or rails. It makes cleaning a breeze and is an easy fix.

4 - Garbage Disposals

While these can be great tools, they seem to always be breaking down or getting jammed. One benefit to doing plumbing work on a garbage disposal is they will come with all the tools necessary and typically have an easy release system. The manufacturers know they will get clogged and want to provide easy access for repairs.

5 - Leaky Roof Repairs

This can be one of the most frustrating repairs that a person needs to have completed. A leaky roof will often not be discovered until a heavy storm, and suddenly the repair needs to be completed as quickly as possible. Calling for professional hope will leave the house at the mercy of the storm for hours, if not days. Being able to do it yourself helps.

There are several tricks to finding a leak like finding stains on the vapor barrier where the water has been flowing. Form there, it’s a matter of determining the type of leak and the necessary repair. This will typically involve replacing some shingles and perhaps patching the wood underneath.

6 - Roof Vent Repairs

It’s surprising how often a roof vent can be the source of a problem with the roof. Depending on if the vent is plastic or metal, there can be different damage. The good news is that roof vents can typically be repaired without having to tear up shingles. They can slide in and out. This also applies for plumbing vents. The trick is bending back the shingles and removing and nails or screws still attaching the vent to the roof. Then merely slide it out, replace or repair any cracks in the wood, and replace the vent.

7 - Full Shingle Repair

When a storm is blowing and you see shingles coming down in the rain, you know it’s time to replace a large part of the roof. Pulling and replacing shingles properly isn’t exactly a difficult repair. However it can be very difficult on some people. The amount of time spent on the knees or bent over is high, so people with arthritis or knee problems should likely stay away. While not difficult, it’s often a very slow process. Do it yourself roof repairs in the heat need to be carefully completed with plenty of hydration breaks.

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