Some Cell Phones Just Rise Above the Rest

With the advancement of phone technology, it is often hard to remember that not everyone is up to date on how to navigate them. Many senior citizens feel intimidated with what this handheld device can do. The modern lingo and slang doesn’t help, nor does the scorn from people who expect everyone to be perfectly tech literate. Some seniors struggle with using their phones and this will build a frustration that may make them walk away from it all together. In this day and age, it is important that we can stay in contact with those we love and ensure that they have the ability to call for aid should something happen. To help with this, many phone companies are working to make devices specifically for those who wish for easy to use cell phones.  This article is a list of some of the best phones you can get your loved ones to help ensure they don’t have trouble with staying in touch.

1 - Samsung Galaxy 20

One of the most popular phones on the market, this phone features a triple-lens camera that can adapt to darker and lighter areas. You won’t have to worry about turning on or off the flash feature to get some great pictures. The camera has a built-in stabilizer to help ensure that there aren’t any blurry images too. Apart from the amazing camera, there are some other great features. With a big screen and large fonts, the battery life on the phone is better than most, providing up to a 12-hour charge even when constantly used. For those not quite as tech savvy, the Samsung phones have an “easy” mode to help ease users into the amazing capabilities of owning a smartphone. Costs depending on the model can start around $500. 

2- GreatCall Jitterbug Smart2

Called “the simplest smartphone ever”, this cellphone has many of the modern features of the mainstream phones. It has a bright display that is easy to read and has large fonts with simple icons. This phone also has internet accessibility to allow its owners to search websites and stream videos. Plus, with its high-definition camera, you can use some communication apps to have a face-to-face chat. There is also the exclusive GreatCall Link that allows caregivers to be up to date on the medical needs of their loved ones. On top of its amazing features, you can also enjoy the long-life battery housed within. On standby mode, the phone can last an incredible 17 days between charges. It even starts at a lower price of around $150. 

3 - Snapfon ez4g

This smartphone is truly an easy-to-use device for seniors. It comes with many of the standard features of some of the higher end smartphones (weather, email, Facebook, etc.) but also is capable of transmitting FM radio and SOS emergency programs. The emergency program on the phone can send out automatic texts or call specific numbers to alert others that there is a problem. The large keypad has large text for clear reading and each button is textured to make it easy to place a call. The size of the phone is another great feature as it is easy to grip. Those with arthritis in their hands will have no problem holding onto it as it will not strain their grip strength. The starting price is around $120. 

4- GreatCall Lively Flip

One of the best cell phones on this list, its biggest feature is its long-lasting battery life. This flip phone can handle calls that last for lengthy periods of time and doesn’t require being hooked up to a power cord quite as often. There is a lot more storage space for the phone than what is typical for one of this style: 16GB. This means you can capture tons of memories with the camera app on the phone and not have to worry about running out of space. It also contains powerful speakers which should help with those who are hard of hearing. If you require a hearing aid, it is compatible with most kinds and should reduce the risk of any kind of interference. The Lively Flip brand has always been cutting edge, and the 2021 model now offers Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant to make performing tasks easier. Costs start around $100.

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