These Gadgets Make Home Living Easier

A whole host of gadgets are available on the market today to make home living easier. Some are meant for a specific room of the house or a specific purpose like cleaning. Others are more utilitarian and can fit in anywhere. Gadgets are constantly being designed to solve a particular problem or fit a certain function. You can find everything from meat smokers to robot vacuums on this list. A variety of objects that range from cooking contraptions to power outlets await you. All of these devices are meant to add ease to life in some fashion. Try them out for a sense of luxury or ease of use they add into daily living and you can experience life with a bit of added flavor. The mop option is particularly enlivening when it comes to dull, daily chores being turned into a new and fun way to pass the time.

1 - Portable Outlet Charger with Surge Protector

Charging devices when you are traveling can be an enormous pain, particularly when you fear for your electronics when it comes to power surges. Belkin has a triple portable outlet with a pair of USB ports that doubles as a surge protector. You can keep your things fully charged without such risk. The three outlets included on this portable charger further add convenience to a spot that may not offer sufficient options.

2 - Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet

If you have repeatedly left home and found yourself wondering if you remembered to unplug the hair curler or straightener, you are far from alone. This kind of anxiety plagues quite a few people. It’s enough people stressed that an outlet was invented for this case. It plugs into a standard socket and automatically shuts off anything you plug in after a predetermined amount of time. With a simple button touch, set the outlet itself to turn off.

3 - Smoker

A digital electric smoker is an ideal option for beginners and experts who want to preserve, cook, and add flavor to meat. Look for a model with enough smoking racks, with a thermostat-temperature control for smoking that is even and consistent. A fully insulated body to retain heat is also important. A smoker is especially great if you have friends with livestock who are willing to share in the feast.

4 - Bug Grabber

If you are bugged by something far more literal, like insects or spiders, a bug grabber is an easy, eco-friendly way to deal with them. Simply catch in the soft nylon bristles and release outside. Or, you can let them out into a toilet to flush. It has a long two-foot handle to grab creatures out of arm's reach. When you are frequently plagued by spiders in the corners or the insects they hunt, reach for a bug grabber to keep from having to get within arm's length to squish them.

5 - Robot Vacuum

Vacuuming is a chore, and reaching under the bed or couch to reach all corners of a room is even more of one. Enter the robot vacuums. They may come with a steep price tag compared to more conventional vacuum cleaners, but their autonomous nature, and their far-reaching cleaning, are hard to beat. This kind of vacuum is highly convenient. Operating on a timer and returning on its own to a charger, you can think of a robot vacuum as having a maid with a single job to do, who does that job very well.

6 - Remote Control Mop

To add a bit of fun into cleaning hard to reach corners, pick up a mop that is remote controlled. People in the household will be arguing over who gets to sweep the floors when this mop is part of the pantheon of cleaning supplies. Simply spritz cleaning solution and drive it around. Who would not enjoy cleaning under such unique circumstances? The only downside is that it does not clean carpets as well as hard floors.

7 - Iced Coffee Maker

If you are part of the iced coffee craze, an iced coffee maker is just the ticket to make your day better. It makes one quart, or four servings, of coffee. Use with coffee grinds and use the airtight, leak proof lid that locks in flavor and freshness. A non-slip handle means you keep a firm grip on your chilled brewing. You need not make a daily stop in a coffee shop or drive-thru when you have the luxury of creating iced coffee at home.

8 - Handheld Steamer

A portable fabric steamer that is handheld is a perfect solution when you tend to forget your clothes in the dryer and do not wish to go through the hassle of all-out ironing. Its nozzle distributes steam consistently and powerfully for removing stubborn wrinkles. With its compact size, it stores and travels easily. This is perfect for taking care of garments that have been stuffed into suitcases on business trips or for formal occasions.

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