Multiple Styles of Anklets Make This a More Versatile Accessory Than People Realize

The ankle is one part of the body you'll want to show off again and again. Toned legs and well polished toe nails look good. One of the best ways to draw attention to this area is with the right accessories. An anklet is pretty and fun. Fortunately, there are types of anklet styles that let you feel confident. This is one way to create a look that works from the top of your head to your feet. Anklets range from the highly detailed and decorated to the simple and easy. If you're putting together a look for the beach during the summer or a formal party, the anklet should be your go-to accessory. For many people, it's one way to add just the right pizzazz without being too overwhelming. These types of charming and easy to wear anklets are something you should add to your list of wardrobe staples right now. There are certainly many style options to choose from.

1 - Beaded Anklets

Beaded anklets are a classic you'll want to wear again and again. These styles have so much to add to your ankles. You can find lots of different types of beaded anklets for sale. A beaded anklet in a single color is a wonderful way to add a flash of color near your feet. Look for anklets with a varied color pattern. That's another way to bring your style to the next level and have a totally coordinated look. If you have a favorite color like purple or green, buy a beaded anklet in that color to show off your personality.

2 - Charm Anklets

Charm bracelets are a modern classic. Charm anklets are another classic to add to your jewelry box. These are basic items that you can tailor to your individual tastes. A single charm against your tanned ankle is quite attractive. Several charms when worn on an anklet are one way to remind yourself of the things you love most. You can have charms incised with special dates that mean much to you personality such as your wedding anniversary or the birthdates of your children. Many charm anklets work best with charms of varying sizes to give them a bit of flair and interest.

3 - Gemstone

Gemstones come in varied types ranging from the semi precious to stones like emeralds and sapphires. A gemstone studded anklet is one way to add a bit of luxury at an affordable cost. Small stones with lots of color like sparkling diamonds or a deep purple amethyst are a great way to bring lots of welcome light to all parts of your look. They're also great when you're going to a formal diner. Coordinate them with a dress with lots of rhinestones and your favorite black velvet shoes and purse. That way, you'll have a conversation piece for your feet.

4 - Leather

Leather anklets are a good idea when you want to keep your look casual but add something with style at the same time. Many leather anklets come in varied styles that you can add to your wardrobe easily. Braided leather anklets are one way to bring your love of bohemian options. A leather anklet can also serve as the backdrop for other types of anklets. Strong leather pairs well with other materials such as silver and gold. These are easy to put on and take off. That is why so many women like having them around during the summer.

5 - Toe Ring Anklet

A toe ring anklet extends from the ankle to the toe. There's a single or connecting series of chains that end in a toe ring. This kind of anklet is often worn with a simple sandal. An anklet with lots of detail at the ankle can be combined with an equally detailed toe ring. Alternatively, a single chain can be combined with a single toe ring often to great effect. This is a good option when you want to add something that's fancy and eye-catching to your entire foot. Wear it to a party and pair it with a pretty dress.

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